Rabble-Rousing WOW Holds Birchos Kohanos at Kosel


So it happened after all. Even if not legally.

Despite Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit forbidding the rabble-rousing Women of the Wall group from holding a Birchas Kohanos ceremony in the ezras noshim of the Kosel, the WOW noise-makers held the fabricated ceremony this morning, Rosh Chodesh, in order to continue to antagonize the frum world and try to shake the status quo at the Kosel, as they have been doing with their “egalitarian” prayer section and their regular shenanigans, such as having women read from a Sefer Torah.

Rof of the Kosel Rav Shmuel Rabinowitz and others had said that the bogus ceremony would contravene the local custom at the Kosel and the AG agreed

Mandelblit said that his decision forbidding it is based on section 2a1a of the Regulations for Protecting Jewish Holy Places 1981, which prohibits “conducting a religious ceremony which is not in accordance with the customs of the site.”

WOW thumbed its nose at Mandelblit, proceeding with the ceremony anyway today.

Police and Border Guard forces protected the women and sent away bprotesters, including the Chairman of Ateret Cohanim, Motty Dan.

Acting mayor of Yerushalayim Yitzchok Pindrus says that a “harsh response” will be coming if WOW does not stop this “disgrace” and “fiasco.”

The Women of the Wall said this morning that the “letter from the Ministry for Religious Affairs forbidding Birchos Kohanos was only regarding the Birchos Kohanos during Pesach, but not the Birchos Kohanos held on Rosh Chodesh.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel



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