Rabbonim Appeal To President Trump To Save 500 Year Old Lithuanian Cemetery From Desecration

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Askonim worldwide have appealed to the Trump administration to help protect a historic 16th-century Jewish cemetery in Lithuania amid planned renovation of a dilapidated building atop the burial ground.

The Lithuanian government aims to restore the long-abandoned Palace of Concerts and Sports on the grounds of the Snipiskes Jewish Cemetery, the final resting place for prominent Jewish scholars, including Rav Avrohom Danzig, mechaber of the Chayei Adam.



Lithuanian officials have already vowed not break the foundation or build past the current sports palace footprint. Additionally, if any soil is found that contains bones work on the new project will be ceased immediately.

Still the group is hoping to put a stop to any construction on the site for fear of creating a precedent in desecrating old grave sites.


Read more at The Daily News.



  1. The cemetery grounds were purchased by the Jewish community centuries ago, and they are the rightful owners of it.

    Just because the location became more desirable over time does not give the right for the state to take possession of such sacred consecrated land.

    The Lithuanian state should return it to Jewish ownership, as with other Jewish properties seized unlawfully over the years.

  2. Please when you go to Hungary check if the Posob cemetery was cleaned already. I know someone who gave private money for the cemetery to be recleaned in july of 2018. If the grass is till peoples knees contact avoiseinu asap. Thanks

  3. Get robbed. Europe.

    Best beat never again.

    Dream to live to tell about it. Graves even not permanent. Hotel fees as.

    By frank we care.

  4. Why is this America’s concern? With all due respect, what does the United States have to do with a cemetery in Lithuania?

    • Congress passed legislation over three decades ago founding the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

      The idea is that the population of the United States is mostly immigrants and their descendants. Because it is so, the United States has an interest in the preservation of sites in other countries. These sites are an important part of the cultural heritage of many Americans.

      See more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Commission_for_the_Preservation_of_America%27s_Heritage_Abroad

    • Do you complain when America stands up for human rights in other parts of the world? If Jews are, chas veshalom persecuted somewhere and the USA stands up for them, do you say the same thing?

      Well, respect for cemeteries is part of human rights and basic civility. The deceased also have rights, rights to rest in peace, and they are related to living people who have rights as well.

  5. where’s ISRAEL?? why do they keep silent? unfortunately they dont care and set a bad example when asra kadisha protest excavations in israel – the Europeans see this and say why do we need to be holier than thou?!


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