Rabbonim, Askanim in Lakewood Tackling Job Crisis

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bmg-smallA group of local Lakewood residents are currently working on trying to do what they can to help the job crisis in Lakewood. As part of their initiative, they are looking to take advantage of the network of the Lakewood community by asking everyone to be the eyes and ears for those who need jobs to reach out and find jobs that may be available.

This Shabbos, many rabbonim in Lakewood will be speaking in their respective shuls about this initiative, encouraging everyone in their shul to ask around in their/their wife’s business, their clients, their vendors, or any other connection they may have with a company to see if any jobs are available. The rov will also appoint someone in their shul to be the contact person that everyone can go to to provide any available jobs leads.  This will help pool together a larger list of job availabilities to get passed to PCS so they can expand their job placements that they already do so well.

This initiative can only work if all residents do their part to create a large network of information. If your shul does not yet have an appointee, contact pni@nj.pcsjobs.org or call PCS at 732-905-9700 x 200.

The following is the text of a letter sent to the gabbai/rov of each shul explaining the initiative:

Dear Gabbai,

Thank you for volunteering to be a shul representative for the Parnasa Networking

Initiative. Below are some basic pointers to help you with the areas you can assist us.

About Parnasa Networking Initiative

The Parnasa Networking Initiative is a project whose mission is to take advantage of the

network of the Lakewood community shuls, to expand the reach and effectiveness of

organizations such as Professional Career Services (PCS) find jobs for members of our local


Your responsibility as the shul representative

Being a shul representative should not take much of your time. Below is our suggested

outline of what should be done in your shul.

1) Your Rav will speak on Parshas Ki Savo or Nitzavim Vayeilech about the importance of

this initiative. Below are some helpful statistics.

Over 300 unemployed members of the Lakewood community have contacted PCS in

the last 6 months.

PCS has already placed over 75 jobs (25%) during those 6 months, with the hope

that this project will help close the gap for the remaining 75%.

The goal of this initiative is for everyone to make an effort to keep it on the top of

their mind so that when something passes their way they will bring it to your


2) Hang up a sign We prepared a sign that you can use to hang in your shul. You can

simply add your name and print it on your shul letterhead, or modify it to fit your shul’s


3) Receive and Pass Any information that gets provided to you, try to take the basic

information about the job as well as a contact person at the company and the contact

information of the person that provided it to you. Call or email PCS at (732) 9059700 x

200 or lakewood@nj.pcsjobs.org with the information you received as soon as you can.

That is all you should need to do, PCS will handle it all from there.

This initiative can only work if we each do our part to create a large network of information.

Thank you again for helping the Lakewood Yungerleit find parnosah. In this Zechus, the Ribbono

Shel Olam should give you much Hatzlacha.

Sincerely Yours,

Duvi Holtz, Yitzy Markowitz, Yehoshua Michaeli, and  Duvy Perkowski

Volunteer Committee Chairmen

 Click here to view a letter of haskama from the Lakewood roshei yeshiva regarding this initiative.

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  1. I would like to add that I hope women are included in this since many women are supporting their husbands in kollel, and if not, they are definitely strongly part of the equation for the family income.
    Many women there are having a hard time finding decent jobs there.
    Please don’t forget them!

  2. I live in Brooklyn and work for the city. A few months ago I had a list of job openings with the city.
    I approached the gabbai of one of our neighborhood shuls and if I could post them on the bulletin board. He told me that if I do, being that this was a “frum” shul, someone would tear it down because some people feel that people should be learning and not working.
    I asked the rav who said that I should definitely posted it. So I did.
    It lasted a few days before someone “frum” (crum) took it down and disposed of it.
    I won’t post name of shul, so don’t ask, but be aware what’s going on in our “frum” community.

  3. Kol hakovod – getting someone a job is the highest level of tzidakah!!!
    To those pulling down notices, yes Torah is the most important, but not everyone has someone supporting them, let it be relatives, institutions or
    Government programs. Unless you are so rich you are willing to support
    them. Just remember, ain kemach , ain torah!!!

  4. People that are out of jobs refuse to take a job that the starting salary is 60,000 or more.

    I have approached people about taking very good jobs but the people I tried helping told me there is no way that they are taking jobs at 60,000 or more when they were making 120,000 or more!

    The attitude is just unbelievable and in my humble opinion in certain circumstances people who don’t want to help themselves should not be helped with other openings and we should spend our preciuos time in helping people who need and really want the help.

  5. Last week the OU posted a job opening for 200 people. The job was security work at JFK and was listed as 22.50 an hour paying job and some article stated up to (keyword is up to!)22.50 an hour.

    The article mentioned that the job is good for frum people because there is no interaction with people so if one is the type to be embarassed to work in settings of being around people then this job is for you!

    There were a few other parts of the article that the OU lied straight out and misinformed anyone that was interested in this wonderful job opportunity.

    Here are the facts of what the job is and why anyone with a brain should not take this and for the ones that wasted their time in paying 25.00 fee at the door should demand their money back since the OU lied.

    The facts are as follows.

    The job is temporary.
    The job is standing on your feet for up to 12 hours a day and making sure nobody breached security in a already secured area!

    Now you may ask which part of the airport this is? Runway 32 or the other runway which is being repaired and being enlarged and extended over the next few months so JFK can have the new tripple boeing land at their airport!

    The job status for the new employee is to stand on their feet in rain, shine, snow, bitter cold and on an open runway for 12 hours a day!

    When other security personnel from JFK enter your area you are automatically fired! POliticis playa big role in this job because every security contract given out to the 10 different companies is in competition with each other and everyone wants to show the Port Authority that there is no reason to hire the other guy because he was not “doing his job” when we entered his area etc.

    This is just a short list of the behind the scenes of what really goes on with this type of job and something the OU did not tell their applicants or write in all the frum newspapers as to what one wis really getting into if taking such a job!

    Besides the 25.00 fee at the OU door, you have to take another test when completing the security exam which there is a cost involved and then you have to get fingerpritned which is more money and then more series of things which cost money before you even start the lousy job that will last you just a bit before you get fired!

    And if anyone is asking if one is allowed to at least wear ear protective gear in the open harsh weather on an open runway, the answer is NO! Port Authority rules is your NOT ALLOWED to wear anything over your ears because you must be alert for oncoming planes and take offs at all times while standing on the runway!

    The only ones allowed to wear anything over thier ears is the people loading the actual airliners which falls under a different job description at the airport.

    This might sound comical but this is the honest truth of what the OU did not tell the applicants last week!

  6. To #6)
    Where are you getting your information from? I was told that it will take 4 years to complete the runway. There are always “Union/Labor” trouble makers, but it sounds like you have an ax to grind!

  7. I laughed out loud when I read this one.
    Does anyone think that without good English skills, no knowledge of math, science or social science , that all these poor yeshiva boys will be handed high paying jobs? By whom?
    ” ??????? ?????, ????? ??????”
    If you want to harvest, you better plant first.


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