Rabbonim in Israel Urge Public to Block ‘Chareidi News Lines’

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rav-elyashivGedolei Yisroel, including Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv shlita, are promoting a “tikkun godol” in response to one of the stumbling blocks of our day and age: home phone lines with access to numbers┬áthat have a corrupting impact and have claimed many victims.

In their public notice, maranan verabbonon warn against one of the great spiritual threats of today in Israel: “chareidi news lines,” which fill their listeners with vapid messages and negative contents rife with loshon hora. These phone lines also present perverse worldviews and blatant disrespect for rabbonim, talmidei chachomim and gedolei Torah.

Roshei yeshivas, roshei kollelim, rabbonim and public figures have long warned against these phone lines, calling them a blight that destroys the Jewish soul by propagating loshon hora and blurring the boundaries between sacred and profane, between pure and tainted and through an atmosphere of levity that undermines aspirations to grow in Torah and yiras Shomayim.

Both the operators of these phone lines and those who collaborate with them make it their point to engage listeners in empty prattle, while generating dubious reports that are a world away from the hallowed halls of the beis medrash.

Rabbonim are even warning against chronic addiction to these phone lines, which pose a threat to any home founded on Torah and yir’oh, not to mention the high cost of listening to them.

{Deiah veDibur/Matzav.com}


  1. I’m assuming they don’t mean kol mevasser? No loshen hora and it does show much respect for talmidai chachomim. On the addictive part, it’s just like the others

  2. Every good thing in this world comes along with something bad. WE have Kol Haloshon and Dial Hadaf/Shiur Chazak it comes along with a Nisoyon It is our obligation to practice and teach whats kosher and whats not. where to draw the line and what to make up for the EXITEMENT.

  3. bs’d
    And perhaps Chareidi internet news providers who still insist in presenting articles from ynet, Jerusalem Post etc etc to an innocent and unsuspecting public!

  4. The story is unclear.What kind of news is being provided by the Chareidi. Your writer should be more explicit. How about a course in journalism for chanukah?

  5. There is a new gadget that you put in both ears and it filters out whatever it is programmed to filter out.

    However, the downside risk, which makes it assur, is that someone might filter out chazarass hashatz in order to hear the baseball game rachmono litzlan.

    Strike 2.

  6. #5

    You are SPOT ON!!

    With all the loshon hora that is spewed in telephone conversations, the damage that the telephone has created in our community is HUGE.

    Think of all the shidduchim that were destroyed with anonymus comments in telephone conversations

  7. Why don’t we understand to stop! And listen to our gedolim..the only reason why most frum ppl are around today because our parents new how to listen to the Talmedei Chachomim.

  8. Yea I agree who needs the telephone. I think we can communicate anything important with smoke signals and tom-tom drums, just like the American Indians.

  9. here in EY most of these call lines with yidish and hebrew news are CELL PHONES that are more expencive than LAND LINES cost the average family alot of money. as the kosher phones block these lines


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