Rabin’s Assassin Putting Together Political Party To Work Towards His Release

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Yigal Amir, the man who murdered Prime Minister Yizchak Rabin, has reportedly called a number of public figures, including lawyers to lay the groundwork for the formation of a new party called Nura Deliba dedicated to securing Amir’s release from prison.

“Within the Russian community,” Amir told one person, “a movement has been established that wants to get me released. There’s about 600 people in it; retirees, academics, etc. Now, they want to establish a party that will run in the next elections, with the goal of getting me freed from prison. One of the goals is also to change the media in this country, which in Israel is totally controlled by the Left. Now, these people aren’t afraid of anything, and they’ve established [this movement] on the internet.”

Nura Deliba has thus far not been listed on the Central Elections Committee’s website of registered parties for the next election.

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  1. President Trump, when you'll arrest the Deep State & Cabal murderers, arrest the Mossad murderers with them

    He’s Rabin’s assassin like Nicholas Cruz killed 17 in Parkland High School (while he was walking with his friend) and like Paddock killed and wounded about 700 in under 5 minutes from several windows in Las Vegas. There’s one thing in common for these 3: The real murderers are still on the loose.

  2. Hope he’ll have enough supporters in this new political party for one of them to become PM and Make Israel Great Again.

  3. Sure.

    People are looking to form a party that has no other major motive and interest than seeing Yigal Amir go free

    Even for fake news this is ridiculous

  4. Would Supreme Judenrat Court allow formation of a political party whose objective would be an installation of an open pit outhouse on top of Rabin’s grave?


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