Raccoon Dogs Likely Started COVID-19 Pandemic, New Genetic Analysis Shows

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A new analysis of samples collected from a Wuhan seafood market has suggested for the first time a concrete link between some of the wild animals being illegally sold there and the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Atlantic reported on Thursday. The evidence points to raccoon dogs as the likely culprit, according to the analysis, which found that the animals may have been carrying and shedding the virus near the end of 2019.

The research was conducted by an international team of virologists, genomicists, and evolutionary biologists, according to The Atlantic—and though it’s not 100 percent definitive proof, it’s “a really strong indication that animals at the market were infected,” said Angela Rasmussen, a virologist involved in the investigation. “There’s really no other explanation that makes any sense.” The magazine’s report comes just days after an Economist/YouGov poll showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans favor the lab leak theory over natural occurrence. It was reported last month that the U.S. Energy Department had concluded—albeit with “low confidence”—that the virus likely emerged from a lab. Intelligence agencies and experts elsewhere remain divided. Read it at The Atlantic.


  1. This breaking news is exclusively due to new breakthroughs in science, and absolutely nothing to do with changing the narrative and stemming the shift in public opinion.
    And certainly not because more Americans than ever now believe that the virus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

  2. “If it serves the left’s political interests to blame us, then go ahead and blame us,” said Bob, a raccoon dog, who spoke to reporters on Thursday on condition of anonymity, and only offered up his first name.
    “We’re easy targets,” he said. “No one likes us anyway, so go ahead and blame us; it’s fine with us, we don’t really care.”
    “Our whole lives we’ve been forced to live in hiding, in sewers and other uninhabitable underground dwellings, because humans get nervous when they see us,” he said. “Trust me, I’m used to being ostracized. It’s no big deal. If the left-wing connivers want to use me as a scapegoat to advance their political agenda, I’m fine with that.”
    “To be perfectly honest with you,” he said, “it’s not my job to expose their crookedness. I’m just trying to survive in a world that is ruled by human, left-wing charlatans, who despise me, and who are totally consumed with pushing forward their twisted politcal agenda.”
    The raccoon dog then proceeded to bid the reporters farewell.
    “Excuse me, but, I’ve to go now,” he said, “it’s not safe for me to be out and about during the daylight hours.”
    “If you want to continue this conversation during the late, late evening hours,” he said, “meet me outside the stink-filled sewer that’s right next to Joe’s pizzeria, but only after 12 AM.”
    “Bye for now,” he said, “and please respect my request for anonymity, and don’t publish a photo of me online! And that goes for you too, Matzav; did you really think I didn’t see you snapping that photo of me?!”
    “Please, no photos of me!” he pleaded. “Is that too much to ask of you?!”

  3. We are not that stupid.

    I am suffering a covid like illness right now and I say the careless Chinese are to blame. The rush to create weapons is so inhumane that of course we know China is doing it.

    Whether accidental, intentional or criminal too, I say the lab disaster is one terrible event. We know to say China is the broken state.

  4. It’s climate change that started covid causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, strokes and lifelong injuries and other adverse reactions of young and old.

  5. Trying to panic the public again? Tried once, and did it. Tried twice and did it. Try this one and literally: who cares???.Just liars trying to scare the people again. Ignore these idiots. If there is any adult out there who thinks that the Covid vaccine is worth anything, then they are hopeless at this point. AND STOP GIVING YOUR KIDS VACCINES!!! If you think vaccines for children work; then nebach on YOU. Certain sectors in society stopped vaccinating a long time ago, and they can tell you they have healthier children for it. We used to call them wackos; well they proved all of us wrong. We were the wackos.


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