Radical Women of the Wall Oppose New Prayer Area at Kosel

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women-of-the-wallThe radical and provocative Women of the Wall group staged a sit-in today in protest of Minister Naftali Bennett’s outline for a new prayer area at the Kosel.

After months of disagreements regarding Women of the Wall’s right to pray at the Kosel, Bennett today announced a new prayer area for the Women of the Wall as part of an agreement between the group and the charedi community.

The Ezrat Yisrael prayer area will be open to both men and women. Though perceived as compromise by some, the Women of the Wall see the offer as a violation of the Yerushalayim District Court ruling, which ruled that women who prayed in the Kosel were not violating High Court ruling, and their arrests were not legal. Read more here.

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  1. who ever is writing this article needs to write more carefully and is playing into the hands of the radicals esp the last line by saying ” that women who prayed in the kotel were not violating High Court ruling”.WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PRAYING AT THE KOTEL!!!!What the district court ruled and what must be contested and brought to a higher court is that -women trying to pray as orthodox men is not a violation of the High Court’s definition of “accepted custom of the religious site ” when it CLEARLY IS.Of course ,WOW will never accept a place further along the Western Wall ,their agenda is to provoke. Many have clearly stated they don’t consider the Kotel holy- they’re there to keep women, who are serious about holiness, from their prayers!!!!

  2. Shulchan aruch, hilchos tefilin states that if women wear tefillin, there must be an outcry. SOME women have worn tfilin in piousness, but only in seclusion, not in public, and they also kept all their mitzvos that theyre obligated to observe. There is no mekor that any of rashis daughters wore tefilin. However the Tzadekes of Ludmir wore tefilin at home.

  3. They never pray, period.
    They come to the Kosel to fight, period.
    Anything that would remove their “reason” to fight, is highly objectionable to them. In fact, it is a reason to create another fight!

    There we have it…


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