Radio Kol Chai Israel Vote: Shwekey Singer of the Decade, Vehi She’amda is #1 Song

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shwekey1Radio Kol Chai in Israel recently held a vote regarding the last decade of Jewish music. (See here for‘s vote for song of the year for 2009.) In the Radio Kol Chai vote, listeners cast their ballots for best Jewish singer of the decade, best composer of the decade, best band of the decade, and the wunderkind of the decade.

The results were as follows:

Singer of the Decade: Yaakov Shwekey

Composer of the Decade: Yossi Green

Band of the Decade: Shalhevet Orchestra  (Israel)

Wunderkind of the Decade: Amit Listvand

In a vote for top song of the decade, Vehi Sheamda (composed by Yonatan Razel) was chosen number one. Below is the full Hebrew list of the top 50 songs, courtesy of Bechadrei Chareidim.

Other popular songs were Im Ekocheich (Shwekey/Y Shapiro, #3), Anovim (MBD/Yossi Green, #4), Maaminim (MBD, #6), Malachim (Chaim Yisrael, #7), Alei Katan (A Fried, #8), Tefillah Le’ani (Pinky Weber/MBD, #9), and Shiru Lamelech (R’ Hillel Paley/Yeedle, #10).














{Yair Israel}


  1. MBD will always be king!
    Od Yeshvu
    These, among countless other songs, old and new, easily surpass Vehi She’amda.

  2. Not surprising that the Israelis have no shaichus to understanding music. They never did and never will. Their taste has no pshat. Ana Bechoach at #2?! What are they listeneing to?

    Half the songs here do not belong. I will name some and my fellow readers can add their own. Also, maybe some of my fellow readers can share sings that should have been on this list. I can think of tons of them. These are songs that have no business being in the top 50 of anything:

    Ana Bechoach (#2)
    Beezras Hashem (#17)
    Zeman Hageulah (#18)
    Hoshiah Nah (#19)
    Al Tiktzof (#22)
    Ochila (#30)
    Halo Yeled (#43)
    Tefilat Hayaldah (#47)

    And there are tens of others that should be shlepped off this embarrasing list, which makes the voters look like fools. At least many in the top 10 are indeed good songs, but the rest are a disaster

  3. Why does everyone have to bash israelis? For your info whoever said any of those nasty things just said lashon hara about a whooooole lot of ppl!!!!!!


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