Rain in Israel On First Night of Sukkos

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schach-sukkahThe weather was hot in Israel as Sukkos approached, and with in the forecast for the first days of Sukkos, Yidden braced themselves. Thunderstorms ultimately swept across portions of the country, drenching sukkahs and, in some cases, taking them down altogether.

The downpours may have sent people from their diros aria to their diros keva, but it did not dampen the wonderful simchas Yom Tov palpable ac ross the country with Sukkos literally in the air.

Many Yerushalayim residents remarked that this was the first time they can recall in many, many years that they were unable to sleep in the succah on the first night of Succos.

While in chutz laaretz rain during Succos is a common occurrence, that is not the case in Eretz Yisroel, where Sukkos is always rain-free.

There is a small chance of rain for Wednesday, while Thursday is expected to be clear.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. mamash a bracha for eretz yisroel that can always use rain at all times &

    at the same time a test for all yidden there to see how much mesiras nefesh they will go for Hashem to eat in the sukka.

    THE REWARD OF PASSING ANY OF HASHEMS TESTS IS unimaginable & priceless

  2. Living in yerushalayim, i can give you a first-hand account of just how strong the rain was. It was sticky and rainy all day erev succos. the rain started when MOST people were well past their kizayis challa. the rain was a steady rain – but VERY light. it’s hard to believe that such rain was able to actually bring down succos and prevent others from sleeping in the succah. I can’t either imagine that there were those that were unable to eat in the succa because the rain hardly came into the succa at all.

    Like you describe in your article, the simchas yom tov is felt and heard in the streets here, in the air here. it is seen on people’s faces. we are all happy!

    gut yom tov

  3. All the people I spoke to and my self did not leave the sukka in yerushalim bec the rain wasn’t that strong at all!!!

  4. if it rains on sukkos [some poskim hold its only in eretz yisroel and only on the first night] it means that hashem disnt want us being in the sukkah so its definitely not a bracha and when it rains you are potur from eating in the sukkah [because of mitztayer] and halocheh calls someone stupid if they go in the sukkah when your mitztayer so its also definitely not “a test for all yidden there to see how much mesiras nefesh they will go for Hashem to eat in the sukka”.


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