Rally For Amit Bornstein, Beaten to Death


rally-bornsteinOn July 29, 2010, Amit Bornstein, age 22, of Marlboro, was arrested at his home by Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers on a bench warrant for failing to appear in Court for minor misdemeanor and traffic infractions.

Seven hours later, Correction Officers dropped off Amit’s dead body at CentraState Hospital. Little is known about what happened while in custody, as surveillance tapes were seized by the Prosecutor’s Office and have not been released.

Two months after Amit’s death, Sherriff Shaun Golden has yet to make any statement about the incident; now the Bornstein family is demanding accountability for the death of their son.

According to investigators at least 8 Correction Officers were involved in the incident.

Though the COs initially claimed Mr. Bornstein “tossed them around like dolls,” autopsy photos show that Amit was shackled and beaten to death after asking to make a phone call home.

Amit’s family and neighbors are demanding the release of the county jail video and audio tapes, and a fair and full investigation into his death, with appropriate disciplinary and criminal charges filed against his killers.

The Warden, Sheriff and Corrections Officers’ Union have been silent or have stated that “they followed procedures” and that no one “can prove any wrongdoing.”

“How then did he die?” said Mark Rosenshein, who is fighting for truth  in this case. “And is it standard procedure to shackle and beat prisoners to death?”

In response to the silence from the Sherriff’s office, a second rally is being organized for tonight at 7:00 in Manalapan to demand scrutiny of officer misconduct and human rights violations and to demonstrate concerns over the mismanagement of the jail by Monmouth County’s Sheriff’s Office. The family is also asking witnesses to come forward with any helpful information.

Buses will be providing transportation for folks throughout the city – Manhattan and Brooklyn. E-mail Justice4Amit@gmail.com for pickup locations.

This rally is also endorsed by the October 22 Coalition and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.



  1. What is going on here this sounds very strange and if this is for real well then to me this sounds like Russia or Iran someone has alot of explaining to do here and how could the police dream of covering up such an issue, please!

  2. Every Jewish organization must get involved in this case and bring justice to those involved
    this is so scary and sickening


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