Ram Ben Barak: Cyber Surveillance Stops 40 Attacks A Month


At a technology conference in Tel Aviv this week, politician Ram Ben-Barak told the audience that cyber-surveillance technologies have been instrumental in thwarting terror attacks.

“Two years ago, there were stabbings here on a daily basis. This isn’t something we can fight with methods of 20 years ago,” he said. “I don’t think citizens who have nothing to hide have anything to worry about. The government doesn’t survey everyone. And the system’s purpose is to protect you and us. We stopped most of the knife attacks with this kind of technology.”

Israel thwarts 40 terror attacks a month, Ben-Barak told the audience, echoing comments made earlier in the day by the head of the Shin Bet domestic security service.

“Do you realize what this country would be like if the Shin Bet wasn’t doing an excellent job preventing 40 terror attacks a month? Would this place be livable? Would our democracy look the way it does?”

Read more at Times of Israel.



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