Ramallah Lynch Butcher Who Waved Bloody Hands to be Freed in Shalit Swap

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ramallah-lynching-blood-hands-abdel-aziz-salehThe Israeli government is freeing the terrorist who gleefully waved his bloody hands after the lynch of two Israeli soldiers. No one told the soldiers families that the terrorist is being released.

The shocking picture that remains in the memories of Jews around the world depicts Abdel-Aziz Saleh waving his bloody hands from his Ramallah window after the October 2000 lynching of Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami, who were murdered and their bodies mutilated after they inadvertently entered Ramallah.

Aziz Saleh was arrested in 2001. He admitted to being one of those who broke in to the police station and choking one of the soldiers

He and other terrorists threw Nurzhitz upside down through a second-floor window and tossed Avrahami out the door for an angry crowd to trample their bodies, drag them to a town square and mutilate them.

Saleh was sentenced to life in prison, but the government did not abide by the law requiring that the survivors be informed of his release, along with 1,026 other terrorists and security prisoners for the return of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

The brutality of the event, captured in the photo, sparked international outrage. Palestinian Authority police had taken the two soldiers a police station, but 1,000 rioters, hearing of the report they the soldiers were detained, stormed the building.

British photographer Mark Seager tried to photograph the event, but the mob assaulted him and destroyed his camera. He later stated, “It was the most horrible thing that I have ever seen and I have reported from Congo, Kosovo, many bad places…. It was murder of the most barbaric kind.”

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  1. It is a tremendous responsibility to make such a decision, but Gilad is alive, and we have an opportunity to free him at this time. We should also consider that, after being released, that “person” (if we may use the word) stands a good chance of being butchered by his likes, or at best, having to hide like a sewer rat, rather than spending quiet time in a clean and safe israeli cell, where he can even study. And who says he can’t be a target in the future?

  2. how could the govt release all of these animals to save gilad shalit? although its pekuach nefesh and pidyon shivuyim is one of the biggest mitzvos. Is it allowed to free all these terrorists who, G-d willing wont, but may kill and/or capture more jews! leaving halacha out of it it, is is logically a good move on the israeli gov’t’s part?

  3. Why is matzav taking only one line on the whole Gilad Shalit release. A more sophisticated presentation would at least be showing both sides of this issue. As an American living in Israel for the last 20 years and knowing what this particular exchange means in context it is quite clear that matzav is giving a dumbell American one sided out of touch presentation. Sorry rabbosai but you obviously just don’t and probably can’t ever get it. Nebach

  4. ……… and now they declare they will try to kidnap more. Are we crazy?? Or are we such baalei bitachon that we believe we can release thousands of murderers and they will never succeed again?? Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge??

  5. There is more behind this “deal” than saving Shalit. These terms have been on the table for literally years, and always refused because they required letting this sort of butcher out. Now, suddenly, it’s OK and the deal is made.

    What is Netanyahu’s real reason for cutting the deal now? Does it have anything to do with undercutting Abbas and the UN statehood request? Some of the people let go aren’t going to stay idle. He’s deliberately setting Israel up for more terror attacks. What is his real angle?

  6. The idea of releasing these brutal murderers such as the lynchers, yimach shmom, shows a sinister side to this whole deal. What exactly it is – don’t know. This whole deal smells. The only good thing, hopefully, Gilad will come home safely. Otherwise, the consquences are frightening, unless the One Above will turn the tables in a blink of an eye. This year, hopefully, will be a year of chesed for the bnei Yisrael.

  7. As you can see from the terrorist’s bloody hands, the soldiers were not choked, but slit open and their hearts ripped out by hand.

    That is who we are dealing with.

  8. I think this is a halachik question as to whether the swap should be done and whether pidyon shuyim outweighs the danger from releasing these terrorists. What do the Gedolim say? I have no independent opinion on this.

  9. There’s no rational opinion other then das torah and so one of the above commenters suggesting to sidestep this, is wrong! Das torah says dont free somebody in exchange for a almost definite much graver situation. We all feel for the Shalits but the pain we feel for over a thousand bereaved Jewish families is relevant too. And a great proportion of the loss of their loved ones was a result of this sort of terrorist freedom deal.

  10. leave it up to the gedolim netanyahu spoke it over with the gedolei hador and im assuming he took their advice we are a sheep among 70 wolves we can only survive with divine providence may god protect us all chag sameach everyone


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