Ramapo Developer Proposes 600 Units Off Route 59 In Monsey

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A Ramapo developer has proposed a 600-unit housing complex spread over more than three-dozen buildings off Route 59 at the site of the old Rockland Drive-In Theatre, Lohud reports.

Yosef Brachfeld of Wesley Hills said his Town Square Residences would be a mix of rentals, condominiums and brownstones that would be part of an integrated community including pedestrian walkways and green space. Pricing for the units has not been determined.

He called the area “the gateway to Monsey” and said his proposal would create much-needed housing and improve a site that’s been unused for nearly 30 years, after the drive-in went dark in 1987.

Brachfeld’s firm redeveloped the former Pathmark shopping center into the Town Square next to his proposed development, which has more than 30 stores including the Evergreen supermarket. The 23-acre parcel he is eyeing for housing is currently zoned for commercial stores. Brachfeld wants Ramapo to create a new zoning classification — transit oriented development — for his project. Read the full report at Lohud.com.




  1. Such a project would choke traffic even more than the possibility that a WalMart store had taken the same site which Monsey residents protested so vehemently. Just think! 600 units with an average of 7 children/unit: 4,200 children to be bused.

  2. Relax all..I too live in monsey..yes I drive too…relax…when they build on your street, you get upset. You move to sloatsburg and give them your house if it’s such a grand idea. Live and let live! Every time someone builds, a bunch of do-gooders start yelling like babies…if you don’t like it, you leave…grow up!

    • Because this should have been a walmart that would have served the community better. If their would be traffic from both better from a superwalmart. They could build housing anywhere. But to find a lot that can accommodate a superwalmart in a good location is apparently notapparently not easy to find.

    • Thats not the way it works! Monsey isnt the playground of the city. It has rules and regulations. Instead people try to destroy what makes rockland county nice. Its not gonna be nice when the trafffic is worse than brooklyn because the roads arent wide enough to accommodate traffic like brooklyn! Seriously if i remember correctly people voted against a superwalmart because it would have had a theatre . The walmart atleast would have served the whole rockland the discomfort of the traffic would come with some benefits! Instead its gonna be nothing but more houseing that could have been built in tonns of other places!

    • When it takes you hours to go shoping thursday night by evergreen. Or go to amazing savings people like you will change your tune! And also think how many cars that adds to the local area over there! At minumum that would be what 1000 extra cars bustling in that area.


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