RAMPING IT UP: Report: Russia To Supply Iran With Fighter Jets

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Iran is set to receive fighter jets from Russia amidst escalating tensions, according to a report. According to Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, owned by Qatar, Sukhoi Su-35 jets are scheduled to be stationed at the Shahid Shiroudi air force base in Isfahan. This base was targeted in a recent strike attributed to Israel.

The decision by Russia to supply these jets came after a two-year-old request from Iran, as media reports suggest. While it’s claimed that 12 Su-35 jets will be delivered, neither Russia’s Defense Ministry nor Iranian officials have confirmed or denied this information.

The New York Times has received verification from Iranian and Western sources regarding the damage caused to an S-300 air defense system during the attack on the Isfahan base. This system, crucial for safeguarding the Natanz nuclear facility against aerial threats, suffered significant harm. Satellite imagery analyzed by Ron Ben Yishai supports these claims, showing extensive damage to a sophisticated radar component at the Iranian air force base.

Since 2022, concerns have grown in the U.S. regarding the strengthening ties between Russia and Iran, especially amidst the conflict in Ukraine. CIA Director William Burns has voiced worries about the potential consequences of this alliance, particularly for U.S. allies like Israel. Burns highlighted Tehran’s provision of kamikaze drones to Russia and Moscow’s exploration of reciprocating gestures, which could bolster the Iranian regime.

The U.S. has raised alarms over the increasingly intimate relationship between Iran and Russia, citing the influx of military expertise and weaponry into Tehran. There’s a fear that Russia might supply Iran with advanced military hardware, including helicopters and air defense systems. Additionally, Iranian pilots have been undergoing training in Russia to operate Su-35 fighter jets, potentially boosting Iran’s aerial capabilities significantly.

Journalist Farhad Parchizadeh shared footage on the social network X, showing the aftermath of the Israeli attack on the Shahid Shiroudi air force base near Isfahan. According to Parchizadeh, the footage clearly indicates the destruction of air defense systems. An American official revealed to ABC that fighter jets likely executed the assault, targeting vital air defense radar systems protecting the Natanz nuclear site.

The Shahid Shiroudi air force base, located near Isfahan’s international airport, houses various potential targets, including bunkers, aircraft hangars, and air defense systems. Alma Research Center’s report reveals this information. Additionally, the Isfahan region hosts other military installations, including an underground ballistic missile base northwest of the city.

Described as a crucial facility within the Iranian Air Force by the London-based Arabic newspaper “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat,” the Shahid Baba’i base accommodates sophisticated fighter jets. The base, dubbed “the heart of the Iranian Air Force” by a website linked to the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence services, comprises 17 airbases. An American website cited in the article notes the presence of three fighter squadrons and two training squadrons equipped with various aircraft.

Situated northeast of Isfahan, the base is in close proximity to nuclear research and industrial zones tied to the Ministry of Defense. It’s also near the “Badr” drone base in southeast Isfahan, approximately 75 miles from the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, 175 miles from the Arak heavy water facility, and about 155 miles from the Fordo facility near Qom.

According to The New York Times, the recent attack attributed to Israel involved at least one missile launched from a fighter jet beyond the borders of Iran or Israel. This missile was undetectable by the Ayatollah’s regime’s air defense systems. The operation also utilized drones launched from within Iran.

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  1. It is well known that we compare the nation of Russia to a bear; it should be even more well known that our Sacred Torah Literature, in Sefer Doniel and in Divrei Chazal, the nation of Poras – Persia, is compared to a bear. It is certainly well known that the current day country of Iran is the current day continuation of the ancient country of Persia. Regarding a certain issue with Russia, in order to stress the urgent absolute crucial extreme caution needed in dealing with them, Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT’L, remarked that a bear has a tail, but, he also has teeth.

    The current day Iran has a military that is extremely powerful, probably more than that of the State of Israel and, in certain ways, maybe even a little bit more than that of the United States. The current day Russia has a military that is certainly, extremely, extremely powerful, many, many times more than that of the State of Israel and, certainly in certain ways, probably quite a good bit more than that of the United States.

    Right at the start of Iran’s massive air barrage attack, Russia warned that any attempt to fight back at Iran would automatically also mean trying to fight back at them. So, there obviously is here the “teeth” of TWO very big bears; we obviously need to be extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY careful.


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