Rand Roasts NSA in Presidential Kickoff



Rand Paul took the stage in Louisville, Kentucky, to announce his bid for president. “We have come to take our country back,” Paul said upon taking the stage.

He critcized both parties before promising a candidacy focused on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Paul promised to immediately end “unconstitutional surveillance” by the National Security Agency upon taking office. “The phone records of law-abiding citizens are none of their damn business!”

To great applause, Paul also reiterated his support for reforming Washington, D.C., including introducing term limits for members of Congress.

Paul name-checked economically disadvantaged areas of the country like Detroit and Appalachia, promising to provide them with stimulus packages that would revitalize the regions. Paul also invoked Martin Luther King, Jr. and and called for the “repeal of laws that disproportionalely target poeple of color.”

Turning to foreign policy, Paul called ISIS “haters of mankind.”

“The enemy is radical Islam-you can’t get around it,” he said, adding though that he hopes for an America that is “wise enough to avoid unnecessary intervention.” Read more.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I think that when there is a great terrorism threat certain people should be recorded and their phone records in government control

  2. Look at that! Unlike “our President,” he actually is brave enough to say that radical Islam (read: terrorists) is our real enemy (not “global warming”).


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