Rav Aharon Schechter: Everyone Should Wear Masks in the Street

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In light of recent developments, Rav Aharon Schechter, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin and member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah, released the following message:

“Due to the uptick of Covid cases in our neighborhoods The Mayer’s office decided that unless there is an immediate visible change of cooperation in the community with
wearing masks in the streets they will have no choice but to close all mosdods, בתי מדרשים and non-essential businesses by this Tuesday.

“We have become a focused target by the press and they are monitoring us constantly, so please make sure that anyone from your family including children walking the streets should wear a mask.

“Thank you for your understanding and may we hear yeshuos bekarov.”



  1. DeBozo and all left wing loonies want one thing total control of our lives
    We have to fight this lunacy that in a period of low and mild infection rate we have to hunker down and hide in our homes and wait for the good graces of government and the lunatic DeBozo.

  2. I was in the stoliner Shul ln BP last week There was a sign on the door that the rebbe requested anyone entering the Shul to wear a mask.
    Now that we know that the city is threatening to lock us down if we don,’t wear masks in public. Whether you agree or not your non compliance can cause the yeshivos to be closed. stores to lose their parnosa no tefilas bisiber. Something to think about Erev Yom Kipper. Wear a mask.

  3. Maybe it’s time to tell the Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr to drop dead!?!?

    According to all, including CDC, as long as you’re able to social distance outside, masks are not necessary as long as you are not within 6 ft of somebody within a specified amount of time, and that time is in minutes.

    The only reason the mayor is doing this is to punish us, to make an example of us. Why is this not a violation of our rights according to the Constitution? Perhaps it’s time for some people that actually think in that direction?

  4. Why is it sooooo difficult to wear a mask? I have slight difficulty breathing while wearing a mask but it’s no big deal. Wearing a mask is good hygiene, it keeps all kinds of small dangerous particles from entering our airway and lungs. To have a temper tantrum for such a silly little issue belittles the fool who complains.

  5. Wether you agree if it’s necessary or not, wearing a mask is a fairly simple thing to do that every other demographic is doing in large numbers. Why are we the only ones who can’t be inconvenienced? What about the massive Bitul Torah and disruption to tefilah bitzibur that may insue due to people not willing to be inconvenienced? What about the colossal chilul Hashem now happening due to the perception that we don’t care about the health of the general public? All because people can’t be inconvenienced? In erev Yom Kippur no less???

  6. It doesn’t say one should/must wear a mask indoors, in a Shul. It only states that one should wear one when outside so the evil media and enemies from within, shouldn’t be moser on us.

  7. We have this Chinese virus, thanks to China, now they want to make everyone follow the Chinese mask wearing practice too?

    It is one thing for it to be done inside, when close to others, but outside?? Did they enforce that during the BLM protests?

    What is going on???

  8. The truth is that the covid19 epidemic(2 supposed covid19 daily fatalities out of population of 20 million over the past few months is not an epidemic by any definition!) in NY has been over for months – so there is no mageifa and no more sakona than a seasonal flu; and there’s no way to appease the Di Blasio administration, who leave us no choice but to fight them.
    The vile judenrat supporters of the socialist-fascists, those who inflate and manipulate the corona into some version of the black plague, will burn; have these traitors in mind when saying velamanshinim.

  9. Especially when the massive violent Antifa & BLM riots broke out — with almost NONE of the wicked rioters & looters & lighting buildings (and forests) on fire burners wearing any masks or keeping that six feet distance from each other — and almost NONE of that was condemned (as spreading the Covid disease and putting everyone in dangerous danger), it became GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that this whole hyper-hullaballoo about this “new” “deadly-dangerous” Covid-Virus was mostly just a huge heap of empty propaganda, AND that the drastic actions that were thus enacted (the Lockdowns and the Stay-in-Place-Orders and the Social-Six-Feet-Distancing and the Wearing-Masks) all HAD NOTHING TO DO WHATSOEVER with “stopping the disease” or “keeping everyone well.”

    Yes, there is Covid Virus Disease problem, WHICH WAS ENGINEERED BY CERTAIN ELEMENTS OF OUR OWN NIH (which Anthiny Fauci is the head of) AND THEN GIVEN TO THE EVIL COMMUNISTS CHINESE TO FURTHER MAKE IT into the deadly virus weapon that it is. But it can be easily cured by Hydroxychloroquine and several natural remedies.

    Instead this artificially created virus disease has been used as a ploy and an excuse to smash down and ruin human society with all these totally needless Lockdowns & other stifling measures.



    The above comment, marked at 6:57 PM, was written and posted IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE where the time was 3:57 PM

  11. (Continued) And this clarification note is, of course, also being written and posted in the Pacific Zone at 4:13 PM and 4:18 A Gutten Yom Tov!

  12. The antifa are obviously fake. They are agents. Maybe they don’t get sick because they are getting the Chinese military vaccine. Or it could be that they live in their bunkers or wherever sheltered accommodation secret agents live into, and they are exposed to no disease. You don’t think high-level resources have to go to the store, do you? But anyway, I do not care whether BLM and antifa are infected, since I do not attend their meetings. I care about the community. If you feel it is fine to catch this virus and HCQ will easily cure it, I can’t convince you otherwise, although I wonder if you also plan to get infected with Malaria. Problem is that I breathe the same air you do. Problem is that someone drilling a hole under their seat, ultimately sinks the ship.


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