Rav Alter Yaakov Schlesinger Stabbed in London

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A well-known maggid shiur was stabbed by an anonymous man near the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London. Rav Alter Yaakov Schlesinger was stabbed after leaving the NetWest bank. He was taken to the hospital in fair condition in what Hatzolah volunteers are calling โ€œan absolute miracle.โ€

Rav Schlesinger is a grandson of Rav Elyakim Schlesinger, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Harama in England.

The stabber was apprehended by police at the scene of the attack on Stoke Newington High Street.

In footage captured on video by bystanders, the stabber appears to be bleeding after his arrest by police officers and he also appears to be resisting arrest.

It was reported that before police grabbed the stabber, several civilians shot him in the street. They detained him on the floor until police arrived

Rav Schlesinger, 50, is a rebbi at the Satmar Yeshiva in London. His condition is now mild to moderate.

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    • Ha?

      Ha Ha???

      While Moving to Eretz Yisroel can be a great Mitzva, Based on Stabbings….. Not the correct story to make a sorry
      idealistic plea.

  1. Looks like the “Knee hold” all over again…
    Hope England doesn’t riot over this!
    After all this stabber has a very similar criminal history to the “saint” Mr. floyd

    • The stabber was held down by Mr. Freidlander’s knee, but this is not the kneeing that killed Floyd. The stabber, who halochically could have been killed since he was stabbing Rav Shleisinger (had it been the only way to stop him from finishing the job), can definitely breath (even though he wanted to make someone else stop breathing).

  2. How can we be so blind! Hashem is sending us LOUD messages to pack up and come to eretz YIsroel not medinas yisroel !
    This stabbing to a miyuchas eineckle of reb Moshe blau who was a leader of the old yishuv and faught for separation from the minim ,also a is Maggid Shiur ,is a sign that the protection of the ‘Schina’ is no longer in chutz laretz ! This story Together with one thousand korbanos of covid in USA !and the Jersey city stabbings and the monsey forshay stabbing !and the Howard drive monsey stabbing !and the crashes of hazala trucks !
    And the boarding up of Manhattan stores ! The loss of parnosah! What are we waiting for?????
    The message is screaming loud and clear do teshuva and pack up your luxury houses board them up and make Arrangements to be Ready to be accepted ! by Moshiach! Please get this message out send it to ten people or tell it to ten people today for a zchus. And yeshuah


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