Rav Amar and Rav Sharki Get Into It At Kosel About Hallel

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rav-amarRav Uri Sharki , head of the beis medrash of Machon Meir, started, a few years ago, leading a tefillah at the kosel on Yom Haatzmaut. It started off small, and has grown every year, with now thousands of people participating. Rav Sharki is of the opinion that halachically it is necessary to say hallel, with a bracha, on the night of Yom HaAtzmaut as well, as an expression of faith in the redemption.

At the tefilla two nights ago led by Rav Sharki, according to a report on Srugim, the chief rabbi, Rav Shlomo Amar, participated. Just before the chazzan was about to begin the Hallel, Rav Amar told Rav Sharki that he is prohibiting him from making a bracha on the Hallel.

Rav Amar explained that Rav Sharki’s opinion, that had been published and publicized in a journal and detailed as well in a pamphlet of tefillot for Yom HaAtzmaut,, is incorrect. Rav Amar explained one cannot make a bracha on the hallel, and if he does it is a bracha l’vatala.

After some back and forth between them, Rav Sharki decided to stand down and not argue with the chief rabbi. Rav Sharki decided that Hallel would be said but with no bracha.

After the tefilla, Rav Amar explained to the crowd that his decision and statements were not personally against Rav Sharki, but were to clarify the halacha. Rav Amar explained that in Morocco and North Africa they used to say hallel with a bracha, but in Eretz Yisrael the psak of “Maran” (Rav Yosef Karo) is accepted to not say the bracha on Hallel, and definitely once Rav Ovadiah Yosef has paskened that way.

After Rav Amar left, Rav Sharki said he had not responded so as not to argue with Rav Amar publicly, however he feels that the bracha must be said and Rav Yosef Karo was only referring to hallel on Rosh Chodesh and not the full hallel as it is said on Yom HaAtzmaut, as we make the bracha on Channukah as well. Rav Sharki said that next year he will say the bracha on the hallel, and hopes by then to convince the rabbonim as well that that is what is correct.

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  1. Why didn’t he tell him that Harav Hagoen Rav Ben Gugu paskened differently – backed up by the holy knesset (same amount of people as the Anshie Knesset Hagdolah)?

  2. Two gedolim disagree, the disagreement is handled with respect and derech eretz. And to make even a nes galui – it’s reported in a respectful way.

    Yashir koach to Matzav!

  3. However, the headline was a bit out of line. “Get into it” is not a description of what happened. Perhaps you could change it to a simle “disagree.”

  4. What menschlachkeit, that he deferred to the Chief Rabbi, even though he had every right to pasken differently based on his learning.

  5. there are two issues being discussed here

    1. the well know position that sefardim do not make a bracha on a minhag nor on a dvar reshus such as Halel on rosh chodesh / women bentching lulav

    2. the propriety of saying halel with a bracha on Yom Haatzmaut – even for those that pasken you should – if you are a sefardi

    elu ve elu

    for ashkenazim not an issue

  6. This isn’t the first time someone tried to make inroads in Halacha against the wishes of Gedolei Yisroel. The “Orgel” or organ in the shul played by a goy also came with a claim of “Shvus dishvus letzorech mitzvah”. Or that a yid can play because the gezeira of shema yesaken klei shir doesn’t apply in the mikdash. These may good sevaros, however, not against the pesakim of the gedolei haposkim. And especially not if the underlying force to change Halacha comes from a Maskilischer attitude.

  7. A respectful and honorable discussion of two valid points of view, from two Talmeida Chochamin. Teaches us how important communication and mutual respect is.

  8. its assur to make a bracha it is only mutar to make a bracha on hallel tht which chazal established chazal didnt establish a brach on yom haatzmaut. the poskei hador pasken not to say hallel including moreinu harav r’ elyashiv, r’ kanievsky, chacham ovadi yosef,… along with many others. also there are many other miricales tht happend and us jews didnt say hallel. when we first went into eretz yisroel we didnt say hallel so certainly now.

  9. I thought it was an issue of brocho l’vatoloh until this year, when I witnessed people reciting Hallel in shul in the first two nights of Pesach with a brocho (K’Minhag S’fard). L’choro that too is an issue as well of brocho l’vatoloh.

  10. number 20. why would it be a bracha batalah to say hallel (with a bracha) on the first day of Pessach at night ?
    the hag starts at night like any day start at night (wayehi erev wayehi boker ..) .we say hallel on the nissim that happened on Pessach and the night belongs to the day.
    so paskens Rav Ovadia shlita and this is the correct way.


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