Rav Arieli: Someone Doesn’t Think Like You, So You Pasul Him?

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Rav Asher Arieli, senior maggid shiur at the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim, delivered divrei hisorerus in his shiur in the face of the tragedy in Meron.

“They asked me to speak a few words,” he said. “I am not worthy, but it is impossible not to speak.”

“Hashem spoke to us harshly. We had corona – and Hashem tells us that we still need more. Certainly it requires looking at what Hashem, has done for us. I say clearly, let it be clear that I certainly do not know why it happened.

“But we are talking together, mir reddin durch di inyan. In the Gemara it talks about the students of Rabi Aikva who did not respect each other.

“Rav Shimon was one of the five students who was part of the new yeshiva that was founded.

“There are disagreements among us, but we are brothers. If disagreements bring disqualification, it is a problem. Just because someone else does not think like you, therefore you disqualify him?

“We need to show Hashem that we have heard His word and want to improve in this matter of treating one another with respect.”

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