Rav Aron Tabak to Address Melava Malka to Benefit Kollel Avreichim of Montreal


rav-aharon-tabakClose to ten years ago, Rav Aron Tabak initiated a concept that would change the world of out-of-town kollelim . He established Kollel Avreichim of Montreal with four yungeleit, all of them original Montrealers, imbuing them with a sense of achrayus for their native city. Four became six, then nine and fifteen and in the years since, over forty young families – all children of Montrealers – have chosen the city and injected it with a new chiyus.

In addition, the kollel itself is a place of growth and chiyus. The full-time yungeleit, each of them, learns with extraordinary hasmada, finishing mesechta after mesechta. The ‘alumni’ of the kollel, those who have gone out to work, or into chinuch, still keep a seder each day in the kollel, either morning, afternoon or night, and each of them knows that the same is expected of them as from every yungerman: their best.

The rosh kollel, Rav Aron, has given his heart to the chaburah and their families that form Montreal’s Kollel Avreichim community.

This Motzoei Shabbos, Rav Aron will be in Lakewood on behalf of the kollel, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mordy Kornfeld at 7 Geffen Drive, from 8:00 . The rosh kollel will address friends, supporters and admirers of the kollel and the great work they’re doing.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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