Rav Aryeh Leib Baron zt”l

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candle-small5It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rav Aryeh Leib Baron zt”l, one of the last remaining talmidim of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Shanghai. He was niftar at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital a few moments ago.

Rav Baron was 100 years old.

In addition to having learned at the Mirrer Yeshiva in Europe, Rav Baron was from the last talmidim of Rav Yeruchum Levovitz and Rav Elchonon Wasserman, having learned at the Baranovitch Yeshiva as well. He served as the “chozer” for the shiur of the Mirrer rosh yeshiva, Rav Chaim Shmulevitz.

After immigrating to the United States, Rav Baron married his wife, Rebbetzin Miriam, nee Samson, a daughter of Rav Chaim Eliezer Samson, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Baltimore and himself an Alter Mirrer.

Rav Baron was a longtime member of the Montreal community, where he served as a marbitz Torah for decades, founding and leading Yeshiva Mercaz Hatalmud there. Rav Baron authored numerous seforim and chiddushei Torah, including Nesivos Lev, Birchas Reuven, Yishrei Leiv, Mesamchei Leiv and Netzach Yaakov, among others.

The levaya will be held tonight at 10:30 in front of Yeshivas Mir-Yerushalayim.

Among Rav Baron’s children are Reb Elchonon Baron and Mrs. Shoshanah Begun, wife of Reb Yerachmiel Begun.

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  1. From about 350 bochurim learning in Mir prewar Europe or Shanghai very few are left: 1st parenthesis is where they live today
    R Chaim Scheinberg (Israel) (No Shanghai)(Kollel only)
    R Fabian (Cleveland) (No Shanghai)
    R Mottel Rabinowitz (No Shanghai)
    R Shimon Gitelis (Lakewood)
    R Gershon Yankelewitz (learned also in Radin)
    R Feivel Hollander (Boro Park)
    R Orlansky (Netanya, Israel) (Shanghai)
    R Motty Rothenberg (Boro Park)
    R Yakov Magid (Montreal)
    R Ahron Florans (Flatbush)
    R Yankel Finkelstein (Flatbush)
    R Avrohom Resnick (Netanya, Israel)
    R Pinchos Podrabinek
    R Yiddel Dickstein (Atlanta)
    R Dov Klohr (Israel) (Via Kamenitz, No Mir, Shanghai only)
    R Moshe Zabari (Israel)
    R Moshe Pivovoz
    R Yitzchok Rabin
    R Gulevsky (Boro Park) (No Mir, Shanghai only)
    R Simcha Nadborny (Boro Park) (Via Kletzk, No Mir, Shanghai only)
    R Avrohom Kanarek (Lakewood) (Via Kamenitz, No Mir, Shanghai only)

  2. I used to learn with Rav Baron zt”l. He taught every single Taz and Shach on Yoreh Deah. He was an excellent ba’al mazbir and rebbe. He founded Merkaz HaTorah which was the foremost Torah institution in Montreal before Yeshiva Gedolah Merkaz HaTorah took it over.

  3. reb leibel hrodoker as he was known in the oilam hayeshivos was a talmid muvhak of reb elchonon z’tl hy’d . he attributed his long life to a brocho given to him by reb yisroel yakov der masgiach z’l.he was the choizer of reb chaims shiur in shanghai . he was the mechaber of many seforim such as birkas reuven,yishrei leib, mesamchei leib .is there a phone number for nichum aveilim?

  4. All of his seforim ought to be mentioned. I believe he published at least ten volumes of Hiddushey Torah. A great Gaon and a wonderful teacher. The best maggid shiur I have ever heard. The last of a generation and irreplaceable. “Naflah Ateres Roshaynu.”

  5. I learnt for many years with Rabbi Baron zt”l and had the utmost respect him for him both as a talmid chochom and as a individual with a very practical outlook on life.
    He shaped the lives of many young men in their crucial formative years to incorporate Torah into their lives both to study it and to live it. He was a walking sefer torah.
    He was always ready to sit down and learn with any individaul irregardless of their lack of prior knowledge or even their mode of dress.
    Many of these individuals went on to become talmidei chaschomim that live their lives only within 4 amos of halocho.
    His love of learning and his recollections of his youth always made us look forward to the next shiur.
    He gave a shiur for many years to secular Jews so that they could get a taste of authentic Judaism. These individuals were prominent businessmen, doctors and lawyers in Montreal who developed an enormous amount of respect for him.
    The best way to express my sense of loss is the fact that my own children were not zoche to have a Rebbe as him.
    May he be a meilitz yosher for his wonderful wife and family,and for us his former talmidim, and for klal yisroel.

  6. I once heard from a talmid of Reb Yeruchim Olshin shlita that Rabbi Baron was supposed to be the Godol Hador but Hashem decided to keep him hidden …a tremendous loss and klal yisroel doesnt even realize how great a loss it is

  7. The world just lost one of the Gedolei Hador! He was a hidden tzaddik and Goan. What a loss to the world.Whoever was zoche to meet him saw true Hadres Ponim!

  8. We just lost one of the Gedolei Hador.He was a Tzaddik and real Goan.He was a hidden Goan and not all of us were zoche to know him or meet him.Whoever met him,saw a real hadras ponim. Zechuso Yagen Aleinu!

  9. a Tzadik who stood a pillar for Torah and Emes Koveitz Shiurim from Reb Elchonon was from his notes he helped so many in Shanghai as being the first one to learn English there,very close to Reb Chatzkel Levenstein as well his memory and way of describing a story or detail from 70 years ago was one of a kind may he be a Maylitz Yoisher for all Yidden this Yom Kippur

  10. We were amongst the original group that joined Rabbi Baron when he opened the Merkaz Hatalmud at 4902 Lacombe. It was a small but intimate minyan. Rabbi Baron would be the Baal Mussaf on Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur. The davening was special. On Yom Kippur, when he gave his drasha, he would move from his makom kavuah and sit next to me! He often took gelilah as opposed to a regular aliyah to emphasize its importance. Rabbi Baron would always speak Shabbos mincha time. He had the remarkable ability to explain Shas in a way that all could understand. The story goes as follows in Montreal. If you wanted to know the source, ask Rabbi Hirschprung Zatzal. For the explanation, go to Rabbi Baron!
    We have lost a great Talmid Chacham and leader of the Jewish people. He will be truly missed.
    May he be a guteh beitar for us all.

  11. No words could describe the loss of klal yisroel. He was one in a generation. We have to mourn his loss. May the neshome of the Goan be a meylitz yosher on all of klal yiroel.

  12. He was considered a Goan in learning already in the Mir.Many are saying he was the Gadol Hador but was kept nistar!We have to do teshuvah,we have lost one of our leaders!

  13. Yes Kovetz Haaros was taken all from his notes from when he was the Chozer by R Elchonen Zt”ll!Can you imagine Rav Baron Zt”ll was only fifteen when he wrote this!

  14. We too were among the original intimate group of families that had the privilege of davening and learning with Rabbi Baron at the Merkaz HaTalmud at 4902 Lacombe. Although its been almost 30 years since I last had the privilege of his presence, Rabbi Baron’s ways, teachings and persona are embedded indelibly in my memory.

    When I visited Montreal last year, I was saddened to see an empty building on the corner of Lacombe, many of the families having moved away or passed on.

    Strangely there was a light turned on in the otherwise empty house.

    I was comforted by the knowledge that Rabbi Barron was alive in Eretz Yisrael. We were blessed to have 100 years with Rabbi Barron.

    Sadly the light that he shined on so many of us in no more.

    May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

  15. How do we mourn the loss of a giant in Torah, a gifted teacher, a
    prolific m’chaber, a magnificet
    orator, a spiritual guide and friend?

    The family and all who loved Rabbi
    Aryeh Leib Baron zt”l need to be

  16. Re. Comment #27. Same feelings & observations. Of note, Irving (Yitzchock) Gimple who was devoted to Rabbi Baron and maybe his greatest talmid continues to give Rabbi Baron’s monday night shiur which began more than thirty years ago in Montreal. The mesorah of Rabbi Baron will continue.

  17. The Gaon HaRav Aryeh Leib Baron ztk”l was more than anyone can imagine. I had the bracha to meet him in 1975 and attended one his first shiurim but I was not at the level.

    In 1997 I somehow found myself at his doorstep again, in the Beth HaMidrash for shabbat. I had forgotten where the Rav lived so it was amazing when I was told where I was. I learned with the Gaon from that day on and never left his side until the Rav left for Israel.

    I had the zechut to live and practice shimush talmidei chachamim and I learned so much from the Rosh Hayeshivah.

    I remember the day the Gaon took me into his office and announced to me that he had been wanting to train me for smicha and I felt so undesrving. The Rav trained me and prepared me to serve his in his Beth din where what I experienced was so much wisdom and insight into human nature. I soon learned that Godliness and sensitivity went hand in hand. Rav Baron never tolerated dishonesty and was more than forgiving when a sincere effort to correct one’s way was made.

    He opened his beth hamidrash Merkaz HaTalmud to everyone, but very few stayed for the long haul. He taught his talmidim to be authentic talmidei chachamim and taught rabbanim to act as rabbanim. You could not fool this holy man. Many tried and failed.

    His shiurim on Talmud and halacha were so exacting and flowing. He removed difficulties in understanding shas, that were obviously there at the onset. He explained and wrote with such clarity it was awesome. This Gadol had not only mastered shas and chumash; during his shabbat drashas he delivered profound liaisons with commentaries that proved to be chiddushim, and his last sefer Dat Yehudit contains most of the chiddushim on chumash the Rav expounded every shabbat minchah for those who had the privilege to hear. Rav Baron taught by example. to the Rav one could not be an even Hashem and be insensitive to people…this was incompatible with the Rav’s understanding of Torah. If the Torah did not make a mensch out of its talmidim then they learned nothing!!

    To me and many others he was a father. I missed my Rav Muvhak the day he left Montreal. HIs life continues to be a legacy of learning. How many breakfasts I shared with him at his modest beth hamidrash, only to listen to the great stories of his rebbeim, Rav Elchonon zt”l, Rav Chatzkal Levenstien zt”l, Rav Yehudah Finkel zt”l, Rav Yaakov zt”l, mashgiah of Baronovitch Yeshiva….Moments like these last forever….

    The Rav was our role model…..a vibrant part of my family…..

    May you pray for us in shamayim and may Hashem hear your prayers and have compassion on Klal Israel!!!

  18. he was a graet rabbi, its jusst was sad sad that he pass away, im gonna missed him so much, its such a honor that i work with him as a caregiver, he is so very nice, and funny, he told me a lot of story of his life, and such a wonderful family he had.

  19. I did not reside close to yeshiva of the late Rabbi Baron Zt”l and thus, regretfully, I missed out attending his inspiring weekly Shabbos mincha shiurim.

    However, for over twenty five years, every Tuesday night, I would travel many miles to enjoy the privilege of studying Talmud with him in a small group of between ten and twelve Yidden, dedicated to Yiddishkeit and learning.

    The Rabbi was so adamant that we completely understood every gemorra; from the simplest to the most complicated; he would often spend several minutes building up the logic, using examples, including his own anecdotes to present us with crytal-clear explanations. He would never move on until he was absolutely certain everyone totally comprehended the issue at hand.

    The saddest time for us, next to his passing of course, was when his brilliant mind becme afflicted with Alzheimer’s desease following a stroke, leaving him incapable of leading the class.

    I had the honor of being present, along with several of his students and visiting fellow rabbis, at the send-off event at his home; the day prior to his departure for Eretz Yisrael.

    Judging by the remarks and sentiments quoted by the previous commentators on this page, I beleive that his syle of teaching and personable approach to both life and learning
    left not only a profound impression on all he encountered, but changed their lives for the better.

    I know he did mine.

    P.S. Unless I heard incorrectly, it is my understanding that there is a tribute evening being planned which will include, amongst others, Rabbi Baron’s good friend, Rabbi Sydney Shoham.

  20. I will post the date and venue, as soon as I am certain the event has been confirmed.

    I would speculate that it may not happen until next spring because of many of his former talmidim spend their winter in EY or down south.

  21. For those interested, there will be a tribute evening to the memory of the late Rabbi Aryeh Leib Baron zt”l, 7:30 P.M. on Sunday evening, Dec. 4th, 2011 at the Beth Zion Synagogue in Montreal.

  22. What a tzadick.everyone who had the previledge to be in his outstanding shiurim succeeded in life both in rochnius and gashmius.I was sixteen years old when I had a discussion with the rav about one day owning a car .He knew I had no money so he sold me his car for $65.A 64 Chevrolet Bel Air.the Rebbe’s car.What a dream come true.i’ll miss him


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