Rav Baadani’s Dream

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It was recently reported that Rav Yosef Ezra Zelicha zt”l, a longtime talmid of Rav Shimon Baadani, related how the Rosh once appeared to Rav Baadani in a dream.

In a recording, Rav Zelicha relates that when Rav Baadani was studying Maseches Kesuvos, Rav Baadani was bothered by a certain Rosh and couldn’t find an answer.

He eventually came up with a solution, saying that two words in another line were misplaced, and by transferring them to the difficult section, all difficulties melted away.

When his talmidim pressed him on how he came across the surprising solution, Rav Baadani said the Rosh himself had appeared in a dream and revealed the secret to him. Checking old printings of the Rosh, the talmidim discovered the words where the Rosh said they should be — only newer editions had the mistake.

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