Rav Bergman: Deafening Silence Among Religious Zionists As Chareidim Under Assault

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rav-meir-tzvi-bergmanRav Meir Tzvi Bergman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Rashbi and son-in-law of Maran Rav Elazar Menachem Man Shach zt”l, has spoken out strongly about the apathy being observed among the Religious-Zionist community in Israel, who have ignored the attacks being carried out against the chareidi community in Eretz Yisroel.

At a vaad delivered to a group of avreichim, Rav Bergman remarked “How is it that not one rov or rosh yeshiva has opened his mouth and spoken out about the persecution of Torah and those who study it being carried out on their behalf by their agents (in the Knesset), going directly against the Torah?”

Rav Bergman, during his vaad, spoke about the importance of Torah being accompanied by yiras Shomayim. “Torah learned without yiras Shomayim…is better off not having been learned,” he said.

“The Religious-Zionists have made it a focus of theirs to be engaged in being mekarev people who have veered from the path of Torah, but they are not cognizant of the fact that they have discarded their yiras Shomayim in the process. Although some Religious-Zionists learn Torah, astonishingly, they are all silent. So much so that not even one rov or rosh yeshiva among them has opened his mouth to cry out against the persecution of Torah and its students…

“People who claim to be shomrei Torah umitzvos and learn Torah create a chillul Hashem when they don’t cry out and protest. This is an awful chillul Hashem. Their Torah has weakened to such an extent that they are willing to stick a sword into the Torah and those who study it.”

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  1. As someone who is not so involved, besides for Rabbi Lior, Rabbi Aviner, Rabbi Drori, who are the leading RZ rabbis


  2. BH for Matzav to bring us the words of the gedolim. unfortunately other websites dont care about gedolim, only pushing their own agendas. chaval

  3. There has been silence because most dati leumi roshei yeshiva oversee hesder yeshivot where all the boys go to the army

  4. To emekitri #21,
    Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, Rav Baruch Vider, Rav Nebezal, Rav Hadari, Rav Reeim Cohen, Rav Stav, Rav Arieli, Rav GIGI, Rav Yoel Bin NOON, Rav Yaakov Meidan, Rav Cherlow, Roshei Yeshiva of Mercaz Harav, Kerem BiYavneh, Shalvim, Yehivat Maaley Adumim, Rav Bigman and his Co Rosh Yeshiva at Maaley Gilboa Then of course are the Roshei Yeshiva of all the other Hesder Yeshivot.

  5. To Mr BEN TORAH-
    What about the other Rabbonim and Gedolim who supported Aliya and the establishment of a state. ie, the Avnei Nezer, Rav Menachem Mendel Ziemba…..

  6. And here:


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  7. Is there any reason that you do not want to post the meetings between Charedi RY and Rebbes and RZ Rosh Yeshivos and Rabbinim in the Old City at the home of Rav Nebenzhal…. on how to mitigate these harsh decrees against the Torah World?

    Is there a specific reason that you are not using the quotes of Rav Lior, Rav Aviner, Rav Drori against the harsh decrees of the new government?

    Is there any reason that you did not include Rav Thal of Yeshivat har choma on his alliance with the Charedei bnei Torah?

  8. #29- Yoni
    As you are not quoting a primary source it leaves doubt as to whether this happened. Second of all, The issue that we are talking about is the drafting issue.
    Third, The Avnei Nezer specificlly writes that the 3 Oaths are not Halachah. He also understood the the Mitzva of Yishuv Eretz yisrael included everything that would be rquired to live there.Financial support, and physical support. So please keep to the primary source namely the Avnei Nezer himself and not someone telling maaselach.

  9. It’s very clear that the same lack of Yiras Shomayim that was apparent in the way they treated the Avnei Nezer (and they still have the gall to claim that the Avnei Nezer supported them!), is the same lack of Yiras Shomayim they have now, and between the Avnei Nezers time and now…


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