Rav Bergman On Meron Tragedy: We Must Stop Killing Each Other!

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Rav Meir Tzvi Bergman, rosh yeshivas Rashbi, in comments on the Meron tragedy, highlighted the fact that the victims died amidst a crowd, with people falling on each other, lo aleinu.

“How did they die? Of course it was an oneis, an accident,” he said, but “one person killed another. It was an oneis gomur,” he added, but we must learn a lesson from this.

“One person killed another! We have to do teshuvah on this and be mechazeik in this [not to kill each other]! Surely in Torah, but the main thing we see here…is to be mechazeik on this,” to stop “killing” each other and to work on bein adam lachaveiro.


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  1. We should all be Mekabel, that we shall never ever again protest on the streets by blocking city buses and innocent cars.
    We can all watch the video clips of those horrific protests where boys are just sitting there in middle of the thru-way, piled up on each other, pulling our friends out of the police officers’ hands, forcing these hardworking police officers to carry our bodies away from the road while slipping on wet floors.
    There were good innocent people, old and young, who were on an important errand, doctor’s appointment, etc, (there are some stories of women and girls desperate to use the bathroom) who just had to sit on the road and wait for the boys sitting on the road singing Lag Bo’omer songs (yes, listen to the clips) among other songs.
    How can someone choose to cause so much pain and suffering to innocent people in the cars and buses, who did nothing wrong?

    • Oh okay. I guess, from now on, we’ll just let the secular government dictate whatever anti-torah gzairos against us and we’ll remain silent like a lamb. We’ll just take it on the chin. We’ll just act like sheep going to slaughter. Wow. Great. Thanx for the aitza.

    • That’s apples and Oranges. I know what you opinion is, but my opinion is based on what respected doctors say. Those are doctors that you would listen to if they say not to fast on Yom Kipper. So yes you are a rodeph.

    • the fact you got the opposite lesson from him. is truly telling. he is talking about stopping harm to fellow yiddin. and you are worried that somebody might call you out about not caring about harming another jew

      • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me. But names will never harm me.

  2. 1. Sinas chinam was one ingredient in the disjointed, inadequate planning of the event. The organizers and the police and other elements of government should have worked together smoothly to make a safe plan

    2. Pure enthusiasm without rational limits also led to the tragedy of Nadav and Avihu.

  3. To RAM:
    Your note that Nadav and Avihu acted in enthusiasm without rational limits is not true. They thought about their actions much more than we can imagine we would ever do. They were punished on a command that they had not yet heard. Hashem punished them because Hashem is particular with great tzadikim like a hair’s breadth.

  4. Yesterday’s news: Dozens of wounded IDF veterans blocked traffic at the entrance to Jerusalem Wednesday as part of a protest calling on the government to approve plans to provide better care for injured ex-servicemen.

  5. The Zionist government is dying to having full control over Meron, just like they did for Kever Rochel and other mekomos hakedoshim. Every year they sent police to Meron to attack and bully chareidim and nobody defended the victims. That’s the reason for this year’s tragedy, H”y. Police this year, like every year, wanted to show who’s boss so they blocked an exit that was open every year. The lesson learned is that the government should butt out of Meron and leave it up to the askanim who know how to control an oilem.

    The reason they want to control Meron is, like Benny Gantz said, “Because of the dangers of ultra-Orthodox autonomy within Israeli society.” BELIEVE IT OR NOT.


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