Rav Chaim Kanievsky Responds to Food Stamps Hishtadlus Question in Light of Gov’t Shutdown

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  1. Who decides which questions get thru to the Saar Hatorah and which ones not? Who decides what is worth his time and which is not? Yisro was credited for making Moshe Rabbeinu’s job easier by weeding out the minor silly stuff.

  2. For anyone who is relying on food stamps and legit has no other way to make ends meet, this question is so important to us. We struggle daily to feed our families and don’t have the great paying jobs that provide what we need. To us, this is a real life issue. To those who choose to mock or make fun, I Daven for you that you should never ever know what it is like to have to decide if you can use food now or is it better to save for later. You should never know our fear, our pain, our humiliation that this is even a question we have to deal with.

    • Those who have been making jokes on this thread should read the above post.
      If you are fortunate enough not to have this practical shailoh be noge’ah for you, be aware that there are many among acheinu bais Yisroel who this is nogeah lema’aseh for, and show some sensitivity.

      • this isnt a halachic question. spin it any way you want. they asker should have decided his mind on his own. and leave more time for real shailas.

  3. Are you kidding me? I live in a major Ba’al Tshuva community in the Northeast. The Board of a certain shul went to the Rov of the Shul with a major shayla:

    Should the new combination lock on the Shul’s front door have a combination of 3 numbers or 4 numbers?

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