Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s ‘Ruach Hakodesh’

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rav-chaim-kanievskyA yungerman who does not have children and has been married for ten years has been visiting Rav Chaim Kanievksy regulalrly for a bracha and for guidance as to what he and his wife should do for them to be zoche to children. Each time the yungerman would visit, Rav Chaim would respond with his standard refrain of “Bracha vehatzlacha,” and would then add, cryptically, that the yungerman should “check what needs to be checked.”

The yungerman never understood what Rav Chaim meant and did not know what to check.

At the beginning of this week, the yungerman once again went to Rav Chauim for a bracha and an eitzah. Rav Chaim responded, “Bracha vehatzlacha,” and once again added, “Check what needs to be checked.”

Finally, the yungerman couldn’t restrain himself and asked Rav Chaim, “What should I check? What should I look into?”

“Check your mezuzos,” said Rav Chaim.

The yungerman ran home and sent all of his mezuzos to be checked. On Tuesday, he returned to Rav Chaim, shaking. He related that he had sent all his mezuzos to be checked and virtually all of them were perfectly kosher. One of them, however, was not. The mezuzah that had been hanging on his bedroom doorpost had the words “veshinantom levanecha” connected, without the proper space between the words.    

Rav Chaim listened and smiled, and then once again wished the yungerman, “Bracha vehatzlacha.”

Without this impediment, the yungerman and his wife continue to hope and pray that they will merit to parent a child bekarov.

May they and all of Klal Yisroel only celebrate simchos.

 {Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. what exactly is the point of this story? If the couple had a baby within the year (or something similar), I still wouldn’t understand the point of the story, but at least it would be nice.

  2. If Comment #1 is true, then it’s clearly NOT a case of “Ruach HaKodesh.” Tell enough people to check their mezuzos, and eventually you’re going to come across some that have pasul mezuzos.

    The Wolf

  3. We had the same story 5 years ago. Reb Chaim told us to check our mezuzos. We had a different issue with the mezuzah on our bedroom door. In addition, the Rebbetzin told me we will have a child within a year. My first son was born 11 months later. There are tzadikim in our generation. And no, I know for a fact that he does not tell this to everyone.

  4. When r chaim says something i would run! not that you need me to tell you that.
    just a little story – my wife was dating for a few years and she was from out of town and got sick of flying for dates. So she sent someone to r chaim to find out if she should move to “in town”. And R Chaim responded she should come to Ertz Yisroel her zivug is here. And she jump on a flight for the summer-4 weeks. Sure enough the last week she was in E”Y she met me and got married. If we were in america chances are we would not go out.

  5. I dont know what the big deal is. R’ Chaim Shlita’s father, The Steipler Zt”l writes very clearly in his sefer Birchas Peretz that in every generation there are tzadikkim who have Ruach Hakodesh. He even directly names someone who lived not that long ago (R’ Yehosua Leib Diskin Zt”l) as being one of them. Why is it so difficult to believe that in our generation R’ Chaim Shlit”a is one of these special people?

  6. those who dare to question the greatness of Horav chaim shlita,firstly read comment#7.
    secondly,Horav chaim shlita is a GODOL and learns all the time,obviously this brings with it tremendous greatness and even Ruach Hakodesh.it is not clever to make fun of Rabonim or gedoylim,maybe its jealousy,each one of us can become great in our own Avodas H’shem.

  7. I never checked my mezuzos, and I have children baruch hashem. Then we had a string of bad things happen and we checked our mezuzos. We found all of them kosher except none. They were all kosher. Please write a story about us.

  8. zalman – cut the laitzonus. rav chaim never told YOU to check your mezuzos – this is not like medicine where one thing works for everybody(incidentally, even in that field not every medicine works for people with the same symptoms) – rav chaim sees upper olamos and neshomos, etc.., things beyond your tiny mind – different things are needed for different people.

    Maybe you should check your treife mind, clean out all the junk and chutzpah for tzadikim, and then you’ll have the same bracha this guy had.

    We have chazals all over the place about how not fulfilling X mitzvah leads to X problem, literally all over the place..but your kind have no emuinas chachamim, so i guess when you find people who are violating X averah and not getting punished right away, we’ll have to chuck them too, chas veshalom

  9. a lot of R’ chaims “storys” are true and come from his gadluies batorah (and lav davka from ruach hakodesh)there could a tosefta or yershalmi some where that says passul mezzazs make that you cant havechildren and soon and soforth


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