Rav Chaim Markowitz: Army Unfit For Religious Girls

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Rav Chaim Markowitz, former army rabbi in an induction center from 2011 to 2015, told the Basheva magazine that the Army is unfit for religious girls, yet does everything possible to force them to recruit, even bending regulations.

He spoke of a religious girl who joined the mixed gender Caracole Brigade and regretted it. The Army did everything possible, legal or illegal, to prevent her from leaving. Anxious to get “quality” religious girls who are exempt from army service, the army exaggerates the number of such girls serving in uniform to encourage other religious girls to volunteer, scrutinizes girls’ Facebook pages for signs of non-religiosity in order to force them to enlist, and even phones them on Shabbos to see if they answer, he said. Religious girls who volunteer to enlist but change their minds ninety days before the enlistment date, when they can still do so, are subjected to endless interviews and difficulties.

Rav Markowitz dismissed claims of religious enlistment organizations such as Aluma that the army provides a religious environment for such girls.

“There are obvious difficulties,” he said. “The Army is not yet ready to integrate religious girls.”

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  1. Wouldn’t it be fit if the USA now upon declaring Jerusalem the eternal capitol of Israel would now incorporate in military budget provisions for any male American jew flight and daring rations to serve in the IDF? If they did, why do we need all of the women.

    It would be interesting if jews did clearly increase the cause of men in the military and clearly with the new declaration, one wonders the obligations of America to further Israel defense.

    This might help.

  2. At the rate things are going in israel I think when my grandkids living there will become teenagers I will fly them back to New York. The atheists and Torah haters in Israel are trying to destroy the future of Torah Judaism in Israel. Solution is to buy a home in Jackson near Lakewood for young families escaping persecution in israel.

  3. Unfortunately, as anonymous states above, the Rabbi’s comments are tantamount to recognizing less observant / less knowledgeable factions of our holy people.

    However,it could be his rationale was if he would make a blanket statement it would be dismissed as “right-wing” and chareidi. Stated like this he is saying “ולטעמך” .

  4. The Rabbi states “The Army is not yet ready to integrate religious girls.” WRONG!!!!! The Army will NEVER be ready to integrate girls, religious or not.

  5. Why do we need this Rabbi Markowitz to say this? The Chazon Ish already said that GIyus Banos is yehareg veal yaavor, even if the girl is completely not frum! What has largely been ignored in the frum media is that a frum girl is sitting in jail for over a week already! Where’s the outrage?!

  6. The army is unfit for ANY girls. My son just got released from IDF service a couple of weeks ago. There is nothing truly vital for girls to do there that the guys can’t do just as well…or better! The IDF is vastly overstaffed and the military life and mentality is not at all suited for females, especially such young females.

    I think, just as one example, people have no idea the kinds of rules the IDF was compelled to create to make up for female lack of strength, compared to average male strength of the same age. The girls physically cannot accomplish the same tasks as the boys, yet their service is considered “necessary”! What shtus.


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