RAV CHAIM PASKENS: If Your Father Tells You Not To Vote, You Don’t Have To Listen

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  1. It is my understanding that the psak is not novel to the elections rather is a clear cut din in general in Hilchos Kibud Av v’eim being that it is not in the category of כיצד מכבדו מאכילו משקהו

    I believe there is a discussion in the Poskim in such a case in relation to Mitzvas Moreh Av v’Eim

  2. And the daas torah of the satmar ruv is, that if someone want to kill you if you are not going to vote, you have to be Moser Neffesh and let to kil yourself instead of voting.

    He have a long Biur in his siefer Veyoel Moshe about this, and it’s very clear.

  3. First of all the question was about a daughter. Who clearly must be Mechabed her husband over her father. So nothing can be derived from this psak and besides, the psak has nothing to do with elections being more important than kibud av but rather about such decisions not being governed by hilchos kibud av.

  4. Aside from the p’sak, I am taken by the photo and video.

    WILL PEOPLE PLEASE LEAVE THE SAR HATORAH ALONE from their little questions? He is clearly trying to learn, but every nudnick needs to get a video of themselves asking a kasha. It isn’t right.

    Klal Yisrael has become infected with the goyish idea of paparazzi.

  5. What if your Rosh Yeshiva tells you not to vote, must you listen to him? What does Moran Rav Chaim hold in such a case?


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