Rav Chaim Pruzansky z”l

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candle-small6It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rav Chaim Hakohen Pruzansky z”l this past Shabbos. Reb Chaim was the last of many Alter Mirrers on the hanhalah of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn, having served as a rebbi and mentor for about 40 years. Rav Chaim was a superb mechanech who strove to bring out the very best in each talmid.

He was niftar on Shabbos and taken right after Shabbos for kevurah in Eretz Yisroel.

Reb Chaim is survived by two daughters, both of whom are married to talmidei chachomim.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. Rav Pruzansky with his special way of teaching, had a very positive effect on me and my learning.

    I’m sorry to hear the news of his petira.

  2. Baruch dayan emes.
    He was the Rebbe that turned me on to really learning Gemarah and understanding every word. I learned kiddushin with Rebbe Z”L and I have the biggest geshmak in it to this day.
    Yehi zichro baruch.

  3. Can you share contact information for Shiva?

    I was a talmid many years ago and would like to call to be menachem ovul.

  4. To #4

    Rav Shamson Brodsky, a Rov in Flatbush is an Alter Mirrer.So is Rav Moshe Pivovitz, a rov in the Lower East Side.I’m sure there are more.Rav Pivovitz is probably from the last remaining Talmidim of Rav Shach in Lunitz/Stolin.

  5. current mirrers still alive untill 120 ! are harabonim gershon yankelewitz leib barron dov klohr avrohom resnick moishe zupnick avrohom kanarek [via kamenitz] mottel rabinowitz simcha nadborny [shanghai]mottiy rottenberg shamshon brodsky shimon gitelis yakov magid[montreal]brothers podorabbinic all of the above learnt in yeshivos lita and were in the mir p.s. mechila if ileft anybody out

  6. Tana Kama you left out R Moshe Zabari, R Leib Baron, R Aaron florans, R Orlansky R Breski, R Rothenberg, R Kanarek. R Yankel finkelstein R Gulevsky (via Kletzk)

  7. Tana Kamma

    You have mixed in a number of names of people who, although they learned in Shanghai, never stepped foot in “Mir”. The true Mirrers were those who learned in Mir and the “shpitz” Mirrers were those who learned by the Mashgiach Rav Yeruchom who was niftar in 1935.

    Aside from Rav Sheinberg, I cannot think of another Mirrer from that golden tekufa. Remember, to have learned in the Mir prior to 1935 means that one would have to be in his mid nineties.

  8. 15: Reb Yeruchum was niftar in 1936. Who says someone who came to learn in Mir in 1938 isnt a true alter mirrer? – NONSENSE or “shpitz” stupidity, they had R Lazer yudal and Reb Chatzkel there then. Also R Leib Barron and Reb Shimon Gitelis and likely others from the 2 posts of living alter mirrers learnt by R Yeruchum. Although it is true that not all the names were in Mir before Shanghai. Reb Sheinburg was not in Mir as a bochur either. And not in Shangchai.

  9. #17 – I never said R Sheinberg didnt learn in Mir – he never learnt there as a bochur – he came there married! The term alter mirrer was coined for the age of the bochurim who came to America after spending years in Shangchai and as eligible to get married they were no youngsters. Rav Brodsky was in Mir in Europe but bypassed Shangchai and came straight to US. If you wanted another way to narrow this list it would be by listing how many learnt by R Elchonon ZL in Baranovitch 1st as that is where many of the Mirrer bochurim were before mir. Not too many; although there are a few talmidim of R Elchonon left (R Lanshevsky, R Scheinerman) who didnt go on to learn in the Mir.

  10. Based on this blog and other research, I compiled this. It includes where there currently live Amu’sh. This is likely worthy of a new headline on Matzav to properly update on of the most chushuva lists of people left in the world today!! If other names exist, or additional info on existing, please post. Currently 23 names.

    R Dov Klohr (Boro Park)
    R Gulevsky (Boro Park) (Via Kletzk, No Mir)
    R Simcha Nadborny (Boro Park) (Via Kletzk, No Mir)
    R Motty Rothenberg (Boro Park)
    R Yankel Breski (Boro Park)
    R Shimon Gitelis (Lakewood)
    R Avrohom Kanarek (Lakewood) (Via Kamenitz, No Mir)
    R Yakov Magid (Montreal)
    R Shamshon Brodsky (Flatbush) (No Shanghai)
    R Aaron Florans (Flatbush)
    R Yankel Finkelstein (Flatbush)
    R Avrohom Resnick (South Fallsburg)
    R Mottel Rabinowitz
    R Gershon Yankelewitz
    R Brothers Podorabbinic
    R Yehuda Dickstein (Atlanta)
    R Moishe Zupnick (Cleveland)
    R Fabian (Cleveland)
    R Leib Baron (Israel)
    R Chaim Scheinberg (Israel) (No Shanghai)
    R Orlansky (Israel)
    R Moshe Zabari (Israel)

  11. talmiday reb yeruchem harabonim barron yankelewitz brodsky shieinberg [though left way before the war p.s.#22 you forgot yizchok rabin

  12. 25: Also Reb shimon Gitelis learned by R Yeruchum, also Rav Barron didnt leave before the war, He learned in Shanghai as well, unsure about Yankelewitz. Next research is how many learned by Reb elchonon, I know Baron, Zupnik and Breski did

  13. R’ Gershon Yankelewitz shlit”a, Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon (Yeshiva University) certainly did learn by R’ Yeruchem (as well as in Radin in the time of the Chofetz Chaim). In fact he has spoken more than once in the Beis Medrash at YU about his time by R’ Yeruchem. One of the schmoozen is available at YUtorah.org

  14. #27 mottel rabinowitz brother p.s.reb aron floans was in baranovich only and reb moishe pivovus was a rebbe in yeshiva chasam soifer to#26 only rav shienberg left way before the war. the baranovich list: harabonim rottenberg florans finkelstein [his mechutan magid came from grodno]harav leib baron was for a longer time in baranowitz and thus adopted the name [he’s originally from horodok]klohr came from kamenitz zabare learnt locally [ostrow mazowiecz under the father in law of harav goldwicht]i think reb moishe zupnik came straight to mir from germany.rav gitelis learnt yeshiva ketana in mir

  15. Rav Aron Florans was absolutely positively in Mir Europe and in Shangchai – do your research before posting inaccurate shtusim. Also r Feivel Hollander shlita learned by Reb Yeruchum as well

  16. Tana Kama!! Your 1st post doesnt mention my father, you did talk about mechila there.then after his name is posted elsewhere, you misspell his name and say he only was in Baranovitch. You are clueless!! Ask any alter mirrer or anybody who has walked through mir brooklyn and they will tell you my father learnt in mir and shangchai! Talk about owing mechila!! My nephews Eliezer Yehuda and Yechezkel aren’t exactly named after the founders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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