Rav Chaim’s Guarantee to Businessman Gav Meir Adler

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Years ago, US businessman Gav Meir Adler promised to raise $100,000 annually for Yad Eliezer’s Big Brother program that provides kids with positive role models. A year later, he went to Rav Chaim for a brocha, saying that he had no additional children for eight years.

When someone mentioned to Rav Chaim that Adler was involved with the Big Brother program, Rav Chaim said, “You are muvtach [guaranteed] to have a baby,” citing a medrash in Parshas Emor that someone who supports children’s learning will merit to have a child.

When Adler returned to Rav Chaim and the rebbetzin with a two-month old baby girl, the rebbetzin kept repeating, “It was not a brocha. If it says in the Torah it’s going to happen, that’s why it happened.”

Rav Chaim said the same thing when he came downstairs for a Minchah, “I didn’t give you a brocha. If it says in the Torah that’s what’s going to happen, that’s what happens.”

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