Rav Dov Kook Blasts Angel Bakery for Not Apologizing, Says Ban Will Continue “Ad Bias Goel”

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In a weekly bulletin that disseminates the teachings of Rav Dov Kook, the tzaddik of Tiveriah, Rav Kook is quoted as vehemently criticizing the management of Angel Bakery for not apologizing for the bizayon haTorah brought about by one of the senior members of their management, stating that the ban on the bakery would remain “ad bias goel tzedek,” until Moshiach comes.

“With the bitter news of the passing of the rosh yeshiva [Rav Gershon Edelstein], Rav Kook tore his garment as a sign of mourning…”

Afterward, Rav Kook spoke about “the offense to the honor of Torah committed months ago…  If those members of the bakery management had sought forgiveness in time, they would have been forgiven lifnim mishuras hadin. But now that they have persisted…it is a ban that will last until the arrival of the goel tzedek, and it shall be like the cheirem derabbeinu Gershom.”

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  1. Just like Target and Bud Light, here in America, so too many this evil empire bakery fail and fall by the wayside.


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