Rav Dov Landau: Support Torah to be Mechazeik Eretz Yisroel. Everything Else is Foolishness.  

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The following is from a conversation that was had with Maran Rav Dov Landau, rosh yeshiva of the Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak.

Rav Landau was asked what action can be taken in America to be mechazeik the situation in Eretz Yisroel.

Rav Landau responded, “Torah, Torah, and lomdei Torah, nothing else! Other things are bal yeiraeh and bal yematzei! All the new things they say, it’s all vanity! Strengthen only Torah. That is the essence of Am Yisroel!

“There are those who travel to America and say to give… I don’t want to say what they say, It’s foolish, it’s nonsense….

“…Only Torah! Don’t pay attention to anything else. In the merit of Torah study everything will be good, with the help of Hashem.”

Rav Landau called those who are trying to direct funds to other endeavors a “mazik gomur.”

Yeshivos, kollelim….only that! What [others say] is just empty words!”

Rav Landau added, “You can publish in my name that [those who are engaged in other activities] are like a bor hamazik [a harmful pit], and their words are empty words! They ruin the essential things that all of Klal Yisroel needs! The Jewish world needs Torah and only Torah, nothing else! All other things are fantasies and foolishness!”

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  1. The financial aid being sent to the soldiers and refugees is fueling an enormous wave of Kiruv and appreciation, and is the main reason why the animosity of the last 2 years has almost entirely subsided by the general public, and will not likely be returning for a long time, if ever.

    Supporting Torah learning is an extremely important thing. But it’s not the only way to help. Supporting ONLY Torah learning would have actually fanned the flames of hatred that were blowing through Eretz Yisroel, as that would have played right into the hands of the liberal, Frum-hating media who’d have spun this into a “look how the Charedim don’t care one bit about anyone but themselves.”

    • no matter what at the end of the day the chilonim will be anti charedi because chaza”l teach us that ami haaretz hate talmidie chachomim, and the chilonim are already complaining that the government included the charedeim in the budget. also with all do respect alex im sure your heart is in the right place and are advocating for ahavas chinom but i think we should trust a little in the gedolie yisroel if you have a question and want to bring it up that is within your right but i think implying he is wrong is a mistake on your part

    • rav landau knows everything about the situation as well as you. never the less rav landau disagrees with you.
      [ as a start – to help you understand – the bottom line is , what does hashem want us to do. period. not to make other “cheshbonos” what i think will better p.r. etc. ]

      • How do you know that Hashem does not want Chesed? Or in other words, why would chesed be a bad thing? It makes no sense. Toras Chaim V’Ahavas Chesed. Derech Eretz – being a ba’al chesed and Nosei Ol – Kadma L’Torah! Another Kasha is that with all the Torah learning in EY and around the world, tragedies and terror attacks still have occurred – so why weren’t we protected? Could it be that we need to destroy our enemies also?

    • Daas Torah is, of course, opposite that of Daas Baal haBayis. But the Torah is always right. Always.

      Were there enough Torah, there would be no wars (and no Zionism) and Moshiach would be here.
      So, instead of paying money for this or that for the soldiers, rather, with enough Torah, there would be no need to send those soldiers out in the first place.

      • You are extremely naive and also lack in basic Jewish history and knowledge. The Torah tells us clearly that there will be enemies and wars, regardless of the level of Torah observance among Jews.


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