Rav Dovid Lau: Tashlich Should Not Be Done At Water This Year

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Tashlich at bodies of water has been effectively banned by Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Dovid Lau this year, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Tashlich sometimes draws crowds and often involve large gatherings, potentially creating superspreader events that could exacerbate the coronavirus crisis.

Rav Lau issued a special directive to charedim that reciting Tashlich “does not have to be near a source of water, and therefore no such gatherings shall take place this year.”

He added that “the tefillos can be carried out from afar.”

Rav Lau further urged shul gabbaim to take the necessary preparations for the Yomim Noraim, including by writing down the shul members’ names to ensure proper separation.

Likewise, shofar blowing must be performed far away from mispalelim to ensure that virus-carrying droplets are not distributed across a large area.




  1. Tashlich should not be done at water this year in order not to infest the poor fish. This Rav Lau’s opinion but not the opinion of most Gedolei Yisroel.

  2. So you’re allowed to go to the beach but not allowed to pray there because prayers cause the coronavirus to multiply and the water and fish to contaminate, especially if you throw your sins in.

    • a custom with unknown origins is definitely more important then protecting jewish lives. have you ever gone to tashlich? don’t be obtuse its so people don’t congregate when Israel’s numbers for corona are climbing

  3. Commenters just slam for no apparent reason – regardless even if they read the article. Anyone who goes to the waterfront on the Belt Parkway, for example, knows what he’s referring to: LARGE CROWDS! What don’t we get! Covid-19 is really quite exasperating now in EY and to them he is speaking! C’mon Matzav fans, it’s Erev Rosh Hashana: tone it down!

  4. The ikar is, be normal. To be in a perpetual state of panic, is not normal. To be in a constant state of fear is not normal. To act irrational is not normal. Part of being normal, is to have your own Rav and moreh derech. To have to come on to blogs on the internet in order to get your psak, is not normal or healthy. It’s the same thing will kol korei’s. We follow our Rav, not the whim of the day. Our Shul will be saying tashlich by a body of water like normal. Our Shul will be blowing shofar indoors without any mask/chatzitza covering it.

  5. Maybe use this as a wake up call to adhere to the psak of earlier poskim that one shouldn’t attend tashlich when its crowded especially when there’s a strong chashash of תערובת.


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