Rav Efraim Zuravin zt”l


rav-efraim-zuravinIt is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rav Efraim Zuravin zt”l, rosh kollel of Kollel Ahavas Torah V’Chesed in Lakewood, at the age of 69. Rav Zuravin, one of the prominent talmidim of the Lakewood rosh yeshiva, Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l, was a phenomenal talmid chochom with a grasp of the full breadth of Torah, including Shas and poskim. It was largely Rav Zuravin’s humility that kept him under the radar quite often, but his greatness in Torah and middos were known by many who were privileged to learn from him or observe him.

The Olam HaTorah has lost one of its most precious stars.

Rav Zuravin was one of the authors of Mishnas Rebbi Aharon, the multi-volume work containing the Torah of Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l. Later, largely due to his wide-ranging yedios and his remarkable clarity and lucidity in learning, Rav Zuravin served as a senior editor of ArtScroll’s Schottenstein Shas.

For years, Rav Zuravin led his yeshiva in Staten Island, where he resided. Several years ago, Kollel Ahavas Torah V’Chesed was founded in Bais Medrash Ohr Yechezkel on Ridge Avenue in Lakewood. Rav Zuravin accepted the position of rosh kollel, and the kollel quickly became recognized for its super-fine yungeleit and high level of learning. This was greatly due to Rav Zuravin, whose mere presence served as an inspiration to the young bnei Torah of the kollel. Rav Zuravin – even during the last period when he battled disease – traveled each day from Staten Island to Lakewood to lead the kollel.

The Olam Hatorah has lost a true gadol baTorah.

Rav Zuravin’s dedicated wife, Rebbetzin Hadassah Zuravin, in 1998, together with their daughter, Mrs. Lifsha Feldman a”h, founded the Meshi Childhood Development Center, when they refused to accept a neurologist’s dire prognosis for Mrs. Feldman’s daughter, Ruchama, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Meshi set a new standard in the care of special needs children and today, thanks to the efforts of Rebbetzin Zuravin and her daughter a”h, the school serves more than 140 children in the greater Yerushalayim area. Mrs. Feldman tragically passed away last year at 46, leaving behind her husband and 10 children. Mrs. Feldman was the wife of Rav Shlomo Feldman, author of the sefer Shaarei Daas on Taharos, and a daughter-in-law of Rav Aharon Feldman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Ner Yisroel in Baltimore.

In recent years, as Rav Zuravin battled illness, his talmidim and other bnei Torah davened for Rav Efraim Reuvein ben Baila Malkah l’refuah sheleimah. He was niftar late last night.

Rav Zuravin leaves behind his wife and  his wonderful children, including R’ Asher, who together with his mother bears most of the fundraising burden of Meshi.

The levaya will be held today, at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, at 9 a.m.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. To comment #2 Hesh.
    Yes it was the same Rabbi Zuraivin that had a Kollel in P’nei Shmuel.
    He should be a Mailitz Yosher for Klal Yisroel, a true Anav and Tzadik. Hashem should bring a Nechama to the Rebbitzin and the whole Mishpacha. They are a very special family.

  2. Just a quick correction; Rav Zuraiven zatzal was not a talmid muvak of Rav Aharon in the literal sense. He only entered BMG the elul zman before Rav Aharon zatzal past away. But he was instrumental in listening to and being able to comprehend the rosh yeshivas shiurim and writing them over in a clear and orderly fashion which make up the mishnas rav aharon volumes. He was a genius and talmid chahom beyond comprehension, and he will be missed,tn”b
    A Talmid

  3. I was a class mate, Haver and an admirer of Freddie (Rav Zuraivin z’l) at TA in the 60’s. His brilliance,Hesed and his general love of all was seen early on. Freddie was one of Rav Bobrusky’s right hand talmidimim. He was always there to explain a problem and was a favorite of Mrs. Girtz and Mr. Danzger. As our class passes into the shadows Rav Zurvivin will be counted as one of the Stars.
    With heartfelt sorrow

    Dr. Lenny Horwitz DPM.

  4. Rav Zuravin headed a Yeshiva in Har Nof named Knesses Bais Aharon. Named after his rebbe, Rav Aharon Kotler. The Mashgiach of the Yeshiva was Rav Aharon Feldman.

  5. lenny u probably mean hagaon hagadol rav yankev BOBROWSKY ZT’L THE rebbe of many of americans out standing talmidei chachomim and a talmid muvhak of reb boruch ber zt’l rabbi Zuraviv had his yeshiva originally in haifa then later moved to har nof

  6. Just a quick correction to Michael’s “quick correction.” I express no opinion whether my brother was or was not a Talmud Muvak of Rav Aron’s. But he spent over six years learning in Lakewood before Rav Aron was niftar. After graduating Talmudical Academy High School in Baltimore in 1956, Efriam, went directly to the Lakewood Yeshiva where he remained until a few months after his marriage in early 1963. To all of those whom commented, I, for one, thank you.


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