Rav Finkel Travelling To Kotel On Urgent Business

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Rav Binyanim Finkel, who is world-renowned for both his Torah learning and his tremendous chesed, was approached recently with the details of multiple individuals who are currently suffering in poverty due to extremely difficult life situations. Rav Finkel was deeply moved by the stories of the individuals in question, who have endured everything from cancer to blindness, abuse to homelessness.


It was then that plans were made for the Rav to travel on urgent business to the Kosel HaMaaravi, with a list of names to pray for in hand. The names belong to all those who donate to help the families in need. Donors receive the Rav’s bracha for nachas, health, parnassa, righteous children, and a long life.


It is no secret that the coronavirus has put much of the globe on hold, with Jews around the world unable to travel to Israel. Many long to visit the Kosel once more, to visit the shechina and immerse themselves in prayer. Rav Finkel’s visit is a unique opportunity to visit in spirit, when visiting physically is impossible.


Names will be collected for the remainder of this week.


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