Rav Fischer’s Segulah Miraculously Works By Not Working – Saves Life of Baby

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rav-yisroel-yaakov-fisherA segulah that did not work is now being called a miracle. Rav Yisroel Yaakov Fischer zt”l, Dayan Fisher, was known for providing segulos for pregnant women who were having problems. Of all the different segulos and people who gave out segulos, people swore by Dayan Fischer’s segulos and considered him the foremost expert in these matters.

A segulah of Dayan Fischer was tested recently and it didn’t work, but then it was discovered that it was a miracle that it didn’t work.

The story, now making the rounds in Eretz Yisroel, is remarkable and is as follows:

The situation was that a woman was told that her baby was breached. Since she was already in her ninth month of pregnancy, the baby had to be turned around quickly. Instead of hoping for it to turn on its own, and instead of having the doctor force the baby to turn, the parents decided to first try Dayan Fisher’s segulah.

The segulah for getting a baby to turn is to go to the Sataf, a spring near Ein Kerem, and to drink water from the spring, passing the water first from the husband to the wife. (Note: Before you rely on this, get the exact details of what needs to be done.)

Rav Fischer was known for supporting this segulah, and he said that it always worked and promised that it would always work. The only time it would not work is if the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.

Sure enough, this couple with the breached baby went to Sataf and performed the segulah.

When they went back to the doctor, they found that the baby was still breached, meaning that the segulah had not worked.

As they were preparing for the doctor’s appointment for the baby to be physically turned, they did some monitoring and ultrasound tests. After the results came back that all is okay and they can go for the procedure, the husband asked the technician to please check again to make sure the cord is not wrapped around the neck. She agreed and checked it again. After calling in a doctor, they realized that the cord was wrapped around the neck.

Had the baby turned, the baby would have died. The segulah did not work because the cord was around the neck and the miracle saved the baby.

They performed a C-section and the baby was boruch Hashem born healthy.

Miraculously, in this case, the segulah did not work.

{Rafi G., Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. I don’t understand. The article specifically states that the Segula will not work if the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck.
    While the parents were requesting Segulos, they should have asked for the Segula for common sense.

  2. Tamim tihiyeh lahashem

    are there any mekoros for these segulos?

    If anyone can supply me with a mekor Iwould appreciate it.

    Thank you

  3. Reminds of a story: A Rebbe missed his train. He was so upset he said: “The train should crash”. His Chassidim pointed out that there might be Yidden on the train. The Rebbe agreed and said “It shouldn’t crash”. Sure enough, the train did not crash!!!

  4. The only way to know is to do what we do in science. Get 100 breached babys and do the segula for half, and let the other half be controls. Compare the results.

  5. I know one where they were told to check all the seforim in the house to make sure they were all upright. They checked all the seforim and they were all ok. So then the husband checked the seforim in his office and found a few of them upside down. When they went the next day to the Dr. to try to turn the baby over, he said the baby turned itself the right way.

  6. Babies are known for doing exactly what they want. Sometimes they turn, sometimes they don’t. In addition, the baby hasn’t read the same obstetrics text that the doctor has, so another element of unpredictability is introduced. Only HaShem knows for sure what’s going on.

    BTW, why the need for segulos? What happened to old-fashioned davening? Saying Tehillim? Books upside down, spring water, and so forth sounds an awful lot like kishuf, not emunah. Let’s ditch the “segulos” and go back to the Siddur and the Sefer Tehillim.

  7. FYI, rabbosai, fetuses don’t breathe through the umbilicus and are at almost no risk of even injury chas veshalom from having the cord wrapped around the neck. There is a serious POTENTIAL danger if a cord is majorly compressed but current studies .

    Why, oh why, do we have to re-construct history and the order of things to “prove” that our tzaddikim and gedolim have “infallibility”??? You make yidden sound like ignorant bumpkins with these Chelm-ish brainstorms. (AND yes I’m sure you know a case where a baby did have a fatal outcome and the cord was wrapped — but that wouldn’t nearly make this non-starter something “miraculous.” (And I must apologize that my puny, veib-ish mind continues to be boggled by the logic of this idea that the bracha worked by not working: wouldn’t that be same miraculous effect as NOT having turned to Dayan Fischer at all???)

    Oh well.. in short, B”H the couple — and the baby — had the zchus of Dayan Fischer’s bracha and/or his hadras panim before the birth: these are the true miracles which no human science could ever account for. What else do you need?

    The hour is late and the day is short: let’s just enjoy the Aibishter doing His inscrutable work, with help of His shlichim hakedoshim, always showing us we don’t have a clue what’s good for us. And pleeeze: enough of these kri-kesivs!

  8. BS”D

    Rav Fisher sent people to Mevaseret Tsion , a little town outside Jerushalayim .
    There is a little spring where one always could find people to pass over the water .

    In the very beginning of Sataf , there are also springs in the fields .

    There was one important thing about the Segulot of Rav Fisher , that it worked out if you heared from his mouth to perform the Segulo .

    If people tried it out without hearing from Rab Fisher Himself , it didn”t work till they heared it from his mouth .

    In this case I don’t understand the miracle , one should always use first ones common sense we got as present from HKB”H


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