Rav Galai Heads Campaign To Save Man’s Life



An urgent message was released from Rav Shimon Galai shlit”a this week, and has begun to make waves throughout the Jewish world. The message is as follows:

“This is my special request, for the special mitzvah that has come upon us, to help to save of the greatest talmidei chachamim in halacha that exists in this generation, who has spent all of the days of his life in Torah, and has now fallen into a very difficult situation which means that he no longer has the option to continue in his holy work of giving Torah over. The severity of this situation nears pikuach nefesh (life and death).

I come with a special request, though it is not in my way to do this often, to ask of each individual in klal yisroel to help this great tzaddik … and whoever can give more, so that all of bnei yisroel can continue to receive and enjoy from his Torah and halachic wisdom.”

Particularly powerful excerpts from Rav Galai’s letter jump to the forefront, such as “of the greatest talmidei chachamim in halacha that exists in this generation,” and “the severity of this situation nears pikuach nefesh.” Such emphatic phrases from one of leaders of the Torah world are not to be taken lightly.

Though the details must be concealed, the Rav’s hascama and bracha are enough to ensure that the need is truly urgent. More details will be reported as they emerge.

We can never know the true repercussions of our actions, or how the world’s course is shifted through our generosity. Those who wish to join Rav Galai in this cause can do so here for a limited time.



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