Rav Hershel Schacter’s Email Hacked

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rav-hershel-schachterBy Yair Hoffman

The email hacking scammers have no qualms about whose email they will hack. Rav Hershel Schacter’s email was hacked early Friday morning. The hacker impersonated Rav Schachter and told thousands of people by email that he was stuck in Madrid without access to cash and requested a Western Union transfer of 900 Euro.

The renowned posek of the OU and rosh yeshiva at Yeshiva Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon was very concerned that no one should come to financial damage on his account and requested that the information be spread so that no one will be taken advantage of. Rav Schacher and his rebbetzin are actually in Florida and have, boruch Hashem, been neither robbed nor held up.

Unfortunately, some people who have been in contact with the imposter have determined that he can communicate in Hebrew as well.

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  1. Hackers should get the maximum penalty availble by law. There is just too much leeway for them to destroy intellectual property. This is a big deal and I equate Hacking to book burning in some senses. It should be fully and absolutely adamantly prosecuted.

  2. This is a very common ploy and they don’t get stuck only in Madrid. Some friends of mine “got stuck” in Swansea,Wales according to the hacker. I’m sorry to hear that the thief is Jewish. The only good thing about this happening so often is that soon it can’t work anyone because EVERYONE will have heard of this ploy and no one will fall for it any longer. It’s a good thing that you’re publishing it l’toeles harabbim!

  3. reply #10 ben torah, if rav shechter was stuck why would he email you? don’t you think he would sooner go to someone closer for help? via telephone?

  4. TO Comment #10

    Please help me out. I am stuck in Passaic and I really need to get home to Clifton. Also, I have a tunnel to sell you, if interested.

  5. #8 – Don’t be so narrow-minded! Just because he speaks Hebrew does not mean he is Jewish, and hopefully it isn’t a Jew!!!

    #9 – How can you call yourself Daas Torah??? Someone ignorant might fall for it and it could be damaging!


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