Rav Krauss: I Never “Retracted”

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rav-krauss-clarification-smallA story was recently reported claiming that a handful of the 50 rabbonim who recently signed a statement regarding the special election today in New York State had withdrawn support from David Storobin. This report, we are told, is inaccurate and misleading. Two of the rabbonim who were claimed to have “retracted” in fact have said in their own words that their earlier statements were intended solely to teach halacha and not to play politics. Rav Chaim Krauss and Rav N. H. Rottenberg have emphasized that although they do not endorse a particular candidate, they hold that is assur to vote for a candidate who has pledged support for legislation regarding toeivah.

Other rabbonim who were said to have “retracted” had never actually endorsed a candidate, so claims of their retraction were not true.

Click here to read the statement of Rav Krauss.

{D. Obermeister-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. rabbi rottenberg comes from an illustrious family nd his father may hev rest in peace never endorsed a canidate either but we all new he liked

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