Rav Leib Mintzberg Collapses at Masmidim Dinner

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rav-leib-mintzbergLast night, Rav Leib Mintzberg, head of Kehal Adas Yerushalayim-Yeshivas HaMasmidim, collapsed at a dinner being held in honor of 60 years since the establishment of the Masmidim community. The dinner, held at the Achuzah Hall in Yerushalayim, was attended by hundreds of people and featured impassioned remarks from Rav Mintzberg, who expressed shevach to the Ribono Shel Olam for the hatzlacha and growth of the Masmidim institutions over six decades.

About an hour after his speech, Rav Mintzberg collapsed and lost consciousness. Medical personnel were summoned to the scene and took him into a side room before determining that he should be taken immediately to a hospital.

Rav Mintzberg, who is about 70 years old, was brought to Shaare Tzedek Hospital, where it was thought that he had a stroke, possibly due to the great excitement generated by the dinner.

The Kehal Adas Yerushalayim community, better known by its original name, Yeshivas HaMasmidim, has been a bastion of Torah and yirah in Yerushalayim for decades.

Yeshivas HaMasmidim was masterminded by a remarkable man of chesed, Reb Yosef Eichler, who together with Rav Avrohom Leib Klein established a Torah and mussar framework which constituting a blend of the finest of the Lithuanian yeshivos with an intense Chassidic experience. The unique result captured many hearts and attracted an entire generation of Yerushalmim. The small beis medrash grew and became a large community.

The life force of the community is the man who has led it for the past 25 years, Rav Mintzberg. The community’s institutions in Yerushalayim, Beit Shemesh and Beitar are many and varied.

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