Rav Levanon: Rav Elyashiv Left 1,400 Descendants, Bibi’s Father Left 10

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rav-ys-elyashiv1As previously reported, Rav Elyakim Levanon, rov of the Shomron and a leader of the religious Zionism movement, had strong words for Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu today, saying that “Whoever raises a hand on Migron will have it cut off and the prime minister should know that.

But during the statements made at a conference for the Gaza pullout evacuees, Rav Levanon went a step further. He connected the passing of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s father and the petirah of Maran Rav Shalom Yosef Elyashiv, to demonstrate the stark differences between secular and religious circles.

“Recently, two elderly people were niftar, Benzion Netanyahu and Rav Elyashiv. One left 1,400 descendents and the other left ten. That’s the difference between us,” he said.

The Israeli government issued a ruling for evacuation of Migron in 2008, after the High Court ruled that it had been built on private Palestinian land, but later an agreement was reached whereby the residents would be provided with alternative housing at Givat Yaakov, but now some of the families claimed they had purchased their own land.

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  1. Who knows how many more children and grandchildren would have come from Yoni Netanyahu HY’D. Not only is that statement ignorant it is a desecration of a kadosh.

  2. Now thats a way to build the bridges between the secular and the religious. I am sure the baal shem tov would approve of this method…..

  3. For the sake of fairness, I would like to make the following correction: Prof. Ben Zion Netanyahu raised his children as Jewish patriots. As such, we know for a fact that 104 Jews were saved at Entebbe, Uganda by Prof. Netanyahu’s oldest son, Yoni who paid for that action with his life. Previously, Yoni’s actions, as well as his brothers, Benyomin and Iddo saved many Jewish lives. It would only be fair to credit Prof. Ben Zion Netanyahu with these saved Jewish lives which are a direct consequence of the education he gave his children. In short, bashing the chiloniim is as immoral and unfair as bashing the chareidim.

  4. actually Rav elyashiv ZT”L left behind millions of descendants.

    if only you knew how many talmidim (sons) he had & how millions worldwide heard, listened & learnt from his daas torah & guidance you would know jut howhigh a percentage of yidden-& jews alike-felt like they ha a shaychus with him (although tey might have ever met him)

    MAY HIS NESHAMA HAVE AN ALIYA & may there be a new neshama to become a tzaddik as great as he was ASAP

  5. #16, you’re right, and she was a “kadosh” as well, as she was hit by a Jordanian shelling.
    Maran zt”l also had a son, who died of illness as a child.

  6. Chachomim, Hizaharu Bidivrechem.

    Yoni Netanyahu died Al Kiddush Hashem saving Jews. He was literally Moser Nefesh so that others could live. The zchus of Yoni’s actions will stand his father in good stead in Olam Haemes. He raised his son to LOVE the Jewish people to the point of dying while saving their lives.
    The comparison is silly. We do not know the value that the RBSh”O placed on the lives saved in Entebbe.
    We should not be playing G-d and talking about the value of a person’s life.


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