Rav Lieff: “Now You’re Going To Be Machmir On Pikuach Nefesh”


Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff, the beloved rov of Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin in Flatbush, Brooklyn spoke to writer and journalist Yochonon Donn about the current coronavirus situation and the havoc it is wreaking across the frum world with regard to Pesach.

Rav Lieff, who said he makes a point of calling each member of his kehillah every few days, is dealing with a new array of halachic queries.

“This is a very unique time and a difficult challenge for the sandwich generation,” Rav Lieff said in the interview in Mishpacha Magazine. “Many people in the kehillah are taking care of their parents, and at the same time they’re taking care of their children, and in many cases grandchildren. There are so many unique shailos.

For those worried about ignoring family chumros, Rav Lieff’s  reframed the question from “what are we going to do about chumros on Pesach?” to “how can we be machmir on pikuach nefesh?”

“If anyone is machmir every year not to sell chometz gamur,” he told Mishpacha, “this year he should be machmir to sell chometz gamur.”

He added dryly, “Now you’re going to be machmir on pikuach nefesh.”

“These are shailos I’ve certainly not been hearing before,” Rav Lieff concluded. “This is a new era.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I am so happy I have a rov at this time who is my mora derech not only a rov for a shaila. My rov gave out a letter to the shul and he said exactly like Rav Lieff. “This year you have to be makpid on pikuach nefesh” He added even if you feel fine. My rov is known for his own personal chumros for Pesach but he wrote this year don’t do these chmros. Sell real chamaitz. Many people don’t buy outside food on Pesach This year you should. An example he gave, some people only use fresh-squeezed juice. This year you can buy juice from the store. Some don’t eat dairy on Pesach this year you could. You don’t have to clean your walls or windows and especially if you have children you don’t have to chase them out of the house this year or eat your chometz in some corner. Of course, everyone should ask their rov. have a great Shabbos

  2. What about chalav stam? Will I not be called a rasha if I consume kosher lipesach chalav stam like Temptee cream cheese and Layogurt? I’ve been called all kinds of negative things because I’ve purchased and used chalav stam in the past. I’m not as wealthy as some of the machmirim.


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