Rav Metzger Attacked in Shuafat

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rabbi-yonah-metzgerIsraeli Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Rav Yona Metzger last Thursday visited the West Bank settlement of Kochav Hashachar, east of Ramallah, in order to hand out award to outstanding students.  Rav Metzger was travelling with his personal driver and without a security guard as required by procedures.

As they were leaving Yerushalayim, Rav Metzger and his driver accidentally entered the Shuafat refugee camp, apparently due to the fact that the GPS device fails to distinguish between Israel and the Palestinian Authority territories.

Rav Metzger’s driver said they had passed the Qalandiya checkpoint and reached the southern part of Ramallah.

During the drive, the two saw an object hurled at the car and heard a bang. They panicked, and only then realized that they had taken the wrong road and turned back.

Rav Metzger chose not to inform the Israel Defense Forces or the Shin Bet’s VIP security unit, and an investigation was not launched into the incident.



  1. He has been very controversial lately. I honestly do not believe that the incident is as described and from arabs (which is why they choice not to inform the IDF). I do not go what is going on but day after day EY leadership has a need to antogonize. Stop the meaningless hatred and all our troubles will soon pass. I sincerely promise everyone a fantastic year to come.

  2. On this note let everybody be aware, to be careful in Isreal when you rent a GPS. as most of them or maybe all of them will not stop you from entering on Arab neighborhood , should that be a shorter drive.

    Those who rent a GPS should be very carfull read signs, in addition if they are in doubt they should stop immediatly and ask or better yet turn around & go back, in order to avoid a one way trip , unfortunatley if you enter Arab neighborhoods that is a dead end.


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