Rav Mordechai Aderet Stands Up for Kedushas Yisroel in Great Neck

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rav-mordechai-aderetBy Rabbi Gavriel Tesser, Matzav.com

It has been over a decade since Rav Mordechai Aderet of Monsey, NY, began making an impact in Great Neck, NY, infusing the kehillah there with Torah and kedushah. A man of special character and unbending hashkafos, Rav Aderet has earned the respect of countless people, including dozens in the Great Neck community, which is comprised largely of Iranian Jews.

Back in December, in a courageous act to protect kedushas Yisroel, Rav Aderet protested a breach of modesty at a home in the Great Neck community. A birthday gathering was held at a Great Neck home, with mixed dancing and an atmosphere not consistent with the spirit of Torah. Rav Aderet entered the event and issued strong words of condemnation at the public breach of tznius.

Rav Aderet, according to sources, objected to both the mixed dancing at the party and the fact that the event was being held on the night before Asara B’Teves.

While some more secular Jews at the party have protested Rav Aderet’s action and have claimed “deep distress, sadness and anger” over the macha’ah (protest), the reality is that the venerable rov stood up for kevod Shomayim despite opposition. Those who attended the party and apparently had no problem with the public display of immodesty have reacted by calling Rav Aderet’s reaction “unethical harassment.” Other irresponsible individuals have since repeated and reported this.

Those who know Rav Aderet are aware that he is a person unfazed by those who wish to use intimidation tactics to stifle his efforts that are lesheim Shomayim. Some have attempted to report on how “controversial” Rav Aderet is, when, in fact, he has remarkable popularity in the community, and his stances and lack of tolerance for open deviation from mesoras Yisroel are nothing new.

The party attendees have, not surprisingly, exaggerated the nature of Rav Aderet’s macha’ah at the event, trying to portray it in as negative and radical a light as possible, partially, said one supporter, because of the inroads that Rav Aderet has made in the community in raising the level of frumkeit there. They are aware of Rav Aderet’s influence and are scared of the changes that are being made in raising the level of kedushah and modesty in the community. A Jewish Week report on the incident quoted an individual who tried to downplay Rav Aderet’s popularity and power of influence, quoting a spokesman for Agudas Yisroel and the head of the New York Board, who both “never heard of him,” suggesting that somehow that mitigates his position and popularity in the community.

While some people in Great Neck have shied away from commenting on the incident for fear of retribution from certain members of the community, it should be clear to Torah-true Jews that Rav Aderet brought about kiddush sheim Shomayim, as he does each day, by being unafraid to stand up for what is right.

We, in the Torah community, are fortunate to have Torah leaders such as Rav Aderet, who stand up for the honor of Heaven even at the risk of personal loss and being mocked.

It is clear that the recent hoopla is a reflection of a widening gulf in Great Neck between the more secular community there and the growing Torah element, led by rabbonim such as Rav Aderet.

Rav Aderet, who serves as rov of Bais Eliyahu, a shul on Locust Hollow Drive in Monsey, NY, spends several Shabbosos each month in Great Neck, where countless people have flocked to be inspired by his genuineness and his inspiring words of Torah at his branch of Bais Eliyahu there, where he has a sizable following. Dozens of his popular shiurim have been made available to the general public at TorahAnytime.com.

Rav Aderet first attracted the attention of Great Neck’s Persian community in 1993, when he began delivering shiurim there. He has since assisted numerous members of the community from both health and financial standpoints and is well-known for his countless chassodim and expansive heart. In addition to being an expert in Kabbolah and a respected talmid chochom, he is an inspiration to those who know him. It is regrettable that some have engaged in an effort to besmirch this choshuveh rov in the anti-Torah press.

Those who know Rav Aderet, and even those who have only met him, are aware of his special nature and his unwavering desire to stand up for Torah and protect kedushas Yisroel. In the early part of the last century, we had the likes of Rav Yaakov Yosef Herman zt”l, who sustained ridicule and scorn as he publically protested at events with mixed dancing and other violations of kedushah. He was a voice in the wilderness, standing up for what is right, come what may.  We are fortunate to still have such people, who are not swayed by political, social or financial pressures, and will do what it takes to fulfill the ratzon Hashem.

{Rabbi Gavriel Tesser, Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Other rabbonim from the Great Neck kehillah include Rabbi Alon, rov of Congregation Kol Yisroel; Rabbi Katz, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedolah of Great Neck; Rabbi Kohan, rov of Congregation Torah Ohr; Rabbi Shoub, rov of Congregation Shira Chadasha/Shaarey Rachmamim ; Rabbi Ben-David; and Chacham Bassalian.

  2. thank you for protesting on behalf of TORAH laws and ethics.The rabbi also speaks in Queens regularly and strengthens peoples beliefs in Judaism . The head of the b”d of the sefardim rabbi ben -chaim once closed down a party with ‘social dancing’ only to be harassed and beaten physically.P.S.where doed it say that one shall not make parties on the eve after 10 TEVES?

  3. Moshe, #8: This is not a story about a party. This is a machaa on a major insult to kevod haTorah. That just happened yesterday. Go back to Matzav.com’s home page, and scroll down three more stories.

  4. To #7: In response to your question, “where does it say that one shall not make parties on the eve after 10 TEVES?”

    Look in the Rambam at the begining of Hilchos Taynis, you we see that a fast is soley for the purpose of t’shuva, not merely to remember an historic event.

  5. Re PS.to comment # 7:

    “Rav Aderet, according to sources, objected to both the mixed dancing at the party and the fact that the event was being held on the night BEFORE Asara B’Teves.”

  6. #4 You overlooked two very important and chasuva rabbanim in the area, Rabbi Lerner and Rabbi Shaliachtzibbur.

  7. I know Rabbi Aderet personnaly and he is a man of truth who strictly stands by the torah. We are privileged to still have people like him in our community who stand up for kovod shamayin.

  8. It is relevant that Rabbi Aderet has his influence in the Iranian community. He is an ish Kadosh, not in the Ashkenazi sense. His followers truly believe in him, with emunah sheleima, and he uses this power to promote darkei haTorah.

  9. As a community resident who has known the Rabbi and his Rebbetzin for over a decade I cannot begin to tell you what devotion and love HaRav has shown to our community. May his deeds bring blessings and light for the entire Klal.

  10. Rabbi Aderet has always promoted, Purity, Honesty, & Loving every Jew. He has helped so many people through out the world. Hashem should bless him always !

  11. rav aderet is one of a kind and you will never find some one like him.what ever he does he does because it says in the torah and not more and not less. rav aderet knows the truth and will always stand by it.

  12. rav aderet is a special man and everyone should appreciate the fact that we have such a kodosh person in great neck he says the truth always tries to make great neck look good so look more in the torah and learn that what he is doing this for good not bad thank rav adert for coming to great neck.


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