Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch: A Rebbi in a Bad Mood Can Kill a Talmid

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For the first time since the start of his recovery from illness, the rosh yeshiva of Slabodka, Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, delivered a special message to rabbeim ahead of Shavuos.

Rabbeim from the Darchei Yosher network of Talmud Torahs under the direction of Rav Yaakov Rosenstein received detailed answers to a number of chinuch questions from Rav Hirsch.

Rav Hirsch was asked if it’s important that a rebbi be calm and happy in cheder. Rav Hirsch responded, “This is very, very important. A rebbi can kill a talmid if he is not happy and relaxed and is in a bad mood. He’ll yell at a boy when he doesn’t need to yell, and can destroy him. It is very important that a rebbi set aside everything that he has going on in his private life, to disconnect from everything that goes on in his private life. In cheder, part of the avodah is to be calm and happy… There are rabbeim who literally destroy children.”

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  1. Perhaps the RoshYeshiva shlita (may he have a refuah shleima bkarov) will say to stay calm and happy is the job of parents too?

  2. Agreed. However the same is true of any teacher, the principal, and if it happens often enough, a parent. Anyone in those positions has to realize the extent of their responsibility. One has a choice whether or not to be a mechanech but most of us become parents by default, without much training. Therefore we have to work on ourselves and teach our children to work on themselves, for the sake of our grandchildren.

  3. The words of our gadol Rav Hirsch are so serious and so true. If the rebbeim that hurt children who are today
    off the derech would only call them and say I did not mean to cause you tzaar, I did not realize you had so much
    potential, I wish I would not have been mevaze you in public or punished you in a way that was not fair
    many kids would see yashrus and come back


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