Rav Moshe Shmuel Shapiro Appears in a Dream: What Did He Say?

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In the last month, a raffle was held for Yeshiva Be’er Ya’akov in order to raise money in light of the difficult financial situation in which the yeshiva finds itself. Alumni and talmidim rallied to raise money for the yeshiva by selling tickets for the raffle.

One of the rabbeim of the yeshiva contacted an alumnus of yeshiva who lives in the south of Israel and is a close talmid of the rosh yeshiva, Rav Moshe Shmuel Shapiro zt”l.

The alumnus responded that he had set aside money for the yeshiva a while back and had been waiting for close to a year to give the donation to the yeshiva offices, but due to closures and restrictions due to the coronavirus, he could not bring in the donation.

“Right at the beginning of the coronavirus in Israel,” he related, “I had a surprising and amazing dream one night. At the time, there were various fundraisers for some Torah institutions and I dreamed that I attended a fundraising event for mosdos haTorah. In my dream, my rebbi, Rav Moshe Shmuel, came to me and said, ‘You are going to donate to this mosad and other mosdos, while you do not contribute to your former yeshiva?’ I immediately replied that I also pledged to donate to Be’er Ya’akov and asked if the sum of NIS 1,000 is a proper amount. Rav Moshe Shmuel said that such a donation is appropriate and asked me to take care of it right away.”

The alumnus woke up in a panic and shared the details of the dream with his wife and other family members. That morning, he called one of the grandchildren of the rosh yeshiva zt”l and told him about the startling dream. He asked him who currently runs the yeshiva office and stated that he wants to come to Be’er Yaakov in the coming days to personally hand over the donation to the yeshiva administrator.

“Unfortunately,” he related, “in the days after the dream, the first corona closure was implemented around the country.”

About two weeks ago, during the big fundraising raffle for Be’er Ya’akov, when one of the rabbeim contacted him by phone to join the fundraiser to save the yeshiva from financial collapse, the alumnus finally decided to make good on his donation, giving his credit card details.

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  1. So basically this “alumni” is a kafuy tov. He alleges that his Rosh Yeshiva came to him in a dream and, oh yeh, I’ll take care of it immediately. For such a dream, I’m going to deliver it in person. Wow, mamesh a tzadik. All for a stinkin 1000 shekel. So what does this tzaddik do? He waits an entire year with all kinds of excuses and then finally when the pressure is put on him, he gives his credit card over the phone. Aha. Wow, me kiamcha yisroel. If only we had more baalei tzidaka like him?
    Sounds to me like he’s a karga mensch

  2. Awfully irresponsible to post something like this. Judaism is not about hocus pokus. If this is the religion you are looking for them go to India and become a Buddhist. Matzav certainly knows this but this story is great for their bottom line. Matzav will sell their integrity for a few bucks no less than the national inquirer. Please remember this the next time you read an editorial that is dressed up with the trappings of Daas Torah. What a pity on us. We truly have no leadership only clowns and pathetic editors like this. We have indeed stooped to a pathetic low


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