Rav Moshe Zupnik zt”l


candle-small4It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rav Moshe Zupnik zt”l, one of the remaining members of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Europe and Shanghai and one of the last links to the great Torah world of pre-war Europe.

Rav Moshe, who lived a long and fruitful life, raising a mishpacha of bnei and bnos Torah, was instrumental during World War II in obtaining passports from the Japanese authorities for talmidim of the Mirrer Yeshiva who escaped to the United States.

The levaya was held earlier this afternoon in Bensonhurst.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. He was matzil the gantze oilem hatorah thru getting the visas and/or passports which saved the Mirer yeshiva. thru those talmidim came Yeshiva Bais hatalmud, Mir-Brooklyn, Mir-Yerushalayim. Nisht poshut. big zchusim!!!

  2. If I remember correctly, Reb Moshe and Reb Uri Hellman ZTL were chavrusos for 65 years!! If a Hellman or a Zupnick is reading this, maybe they can testify and give us the details?


  4. The remaining Alter Mirrer and where they live
    R Chaim Scheinberg (Israel) (No Shanghai)(Kollel only)
    R Shamshon Brodsky (Flatbush) (No Shanghai)
    R Fabian (Cleveland) (No Shanghai)
    R Mottel Rabinowitz (No Shanghai)
    R Shimon Gitelis (Lakewood)
    R Gershon Yankelewitz (learned also in Radin)
    R Leib Baron (telzStone Israel)
    R Feivel Hollander (Boro Park)
    R Orlansky (Netanya, Israel) (Shanghai)
    R Motty Rothenberg (Boro Park)
    R Yakov Magid (Montreal) (Mechutan with Finkelstein)
    R Ahron Florans (Flatbush)
    R Yankel Finkelstein (Flatbush)
    R Avrohom Resnick (Netanya, Israel)
    R Pinchos Podrabinek
    R Podrabinek (brother)
    R Yiddel Dickstein (Atlanta)
    R Dov Klohr (Boro Park)(learned also in Kaminetz)
    R Moshe Zabari (Israel)
    R Moshe Pivovoz
    R Yitzchok Rabin
    R Gulevsky (Boro Park) (No Mir, Shanghai only)
    R Simcha Nadborny (Boro Park) (Via Kletzk, No Mir, Shanghai only)
    R Avrohom Kanarek (Lakewood) (Via Kamenitz, No Mir, Shanghai only)

  5. I don’t know the exact amount of time that my zaydeh hagaon reb uri shraga hellman zatzal learn with reb zupnik zatzal for but I do know its been a very long time. My bubbeh rebetzin hellman zul zee zayn gezunt biz a hundred un tzvuntsig never let ANYTHING disturb their learning while they were learning at my zaydehs house. Even soyf yomav of reb zupnik when his mind was not that clear he had a helper push him in a wheelchair EVERY single day and he would sit there was such a happy smile that he was learning it was enough to make yĆ³ur day seeing the amaylus my zaydeh and reb zupnik had even so late in their lives. I know that my zaydeh and reb zupnik are sitting in a much better place learning as we speak like they didn’t miss a beat even though my zaydeh was niftar a few years ago.

    May we all be zoche to see such chashuvim in our lives and may he together with my zaydeh be a maylitz yosher for myself our families and gantz klal yisroel and we should be zoche bkarov to see the geula shlaymeh bimhayra

  6. my grandfather yekusiel broh learnt in the mir yeshivah with yankel finkelstein and he really wants to talk to him, he hasnt seen him in around 50 years for my grandfather is in australia and Rav yankel is in flatbush. so if whoever knows any contact information to Rav yankel finelstein, it would be greatly appreciated, and my grandfather would love to be able to catch up with someone he learnt with and who was a good friend of from back in shanghai in the mir yeshivah during world war 2.
    If you can get me information it would be greatly appreciated and can you please send the contact information to bmbroh@gmail.com yasher shkoach
    may moshiach come now!

  7. It is with great sadness that many of the residents of Sullivan county hear of you passing. If the non-Hasidic Community here in Sullivan knew what a truly great man you were and what you did for the innocent people of WW2,they would understand that a wise and caring man will be missed.


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