Rav Padwa: Rav Karelitz and Rav Wosner Maintain that One is Permitted to Eat Fish


rav-nissim-karelitz[Click here to view the teshuvah.] Rav Moshe Chaim Efraim Padwa, son of the legendary┬áRav Chanoch Dov Padwa zt”l of England, recently released a lengthy teshuvah detailing many of the reasons for his position that it is permitted to consume fish despite the presence of Anisakis worms. Rav Padwa confirms that his father permitted these worms thirty years ago and says that the p’sak applies no differently today.

In the teshuvah, Rav Padwe states that he spoke to Rav Nissim Karelitz of Bnei Brak, who told Rav Padwe that while he maintains that if one knows that the fish in front of him contains an Anisakis worm it may be forbidden, nevertheless, one is not required to examine the fish before consuming it. There are sufficient doubts to rely on, he said, to permit one to eat fish freely without checking them first.

Rav Padwe also relates that Rav Chaim Meir Wosner, former rov of Kehal Yitav Lev in London and currently rov in Bnei Brak, stated that his father, Rav Shmuel Halevi Wosner, the author of Shevet Halevi, holds this way as well.

Click here to view the teshuvah.

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  1. The mmechaber saies clerly that thir is no problom with wormes in fish…
    A man wance came to R’ Moshe Fienstien zatz”l and asked him if fish are muter
    .to that he said
    of corse it’s a clear Mechaber.
    The man asked to have it in writing.
    And on that R’ Moshe said “There will never be a Dor(generation) that will argu with a clear Mechaber”(no mater what any sientest mite say!)

  2. Dear Matzav,
    This is becoming totally crazy. Let every person follow his Rav. No chiddushim at all are presented. Unless someone has something NEW to add to the shayla, just quoting one day Rav A says ok, Rav B says No way, Rav C says that Rav B said ok, and Rav D says that it private Rav A told him better to be machmir. Rav E comes and says that his father told him that Rav D only said it because of pressure…

    Unless someone has something real to add to the shayla, just follow YOUR rav, whatever he says. The whole shayla is not even nogeyah to so many fish. For the regular guy on the street the whole issue is canned salmon, and if you’re a little bit better off, which fish is better, the wild salmon or farmed.

  3. Doesn’t anyone understand that the Machmirim hold that this is a DIFFERENT SHAILOH than what the mechaber is talking about. That this has nothing to do with that Mechaber.

  4. If Rav Karelitz and Rav S. Vosner held that it was not neccessary to check thefish, why would they have signed that the fish are ossur?
    BTW, This teshuva was written well over a month ago; it’s not breaking news.

  5. I”M sorry but the “Mechaber” is not Rav A or B its the Halacha if no one in HIS genaration argues(as in this case)
    And if what science says makes a difference to our belief than we’d better respect our grandparents in the zoo,The monkeys!

  6. I wanted to start a bodek fish company that I could sell 3rd class old fish frozen for to dollar.
    I started the hassle, & just as I was about to pay for my first shippment, I hear that the psokim are changing.
    Oy Gevald! I need a parnoso!
    Just kidding, but somone else may be serious

  7. The Shayla hasn’t changed. The Anisakis are the same. There is Nishtane HaTeva. Is is the Teva of the Askanim and Kanoim. Vedal.


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