Rav Porush’s Tzava’ah to His Sons: Daven Ashkenaz

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rav-porushFollowing the recent petirah of Rav Menachem Porush zt”l, the noted askan and longtime shliach tzibbur who served as a Knesset member for Agudas Yisroel and Yahadus Hatorah, it was revealed that Rav Porush left behind a couple of tzava’os, wills, for his family members. One of the tzava’os referenced a second tzava’ah, which family members opened, discovering that it had actually been written at Rav Porush’s behest by the posek hador, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, in the gadol‘s own handwriting.

In this tzava’ah, several personal requests of Rav Porush are made. One of the most intriguing ones, Matzav.com has learned, is that his children daven nusach Ashkenaz, in accordance with those who follow minhag Lita and minhag haPrushim.

It was thus an interesting sight for those at the bais avel to observe Rav Porush’s sons, Reb Meir and Reb Naftali Tzvi, who are both Chassidish, reciting Kaddish without the words “veyatzmach purkonei…,” which is a standard part of Nusach Sefard Kaddish. The sons will be satisfying their father’s request to daven Nusach Ashkaenaz.

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  1. Why is Matzav publishing the comment #2 when it only says: ”the posek hador, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv”.[deleted by moderator]”? Please tell me what the point is!

  2. Reminds me of the famous story with Reb Shlomo Kluger, who paskened that a litvak-turned-chusid should say veyatzmach, despite his father’s dying words commanding him not to.

    “Your father is in the Oilam huEmes,” said the Tzaddik, “and in the Oilom huEmes, they know that you must say ‘veyatzmach pirkunay, veykuraiv meshichai.'”

  3. Interesting. But I am not klohr (clear) on the inyan.

    1) They should be davening nusach Ashkenaz anyway, as we are taught ‘al titosh Toras imecho’, they are supposed to follow the minhog of their father. And if they weren’t doing so before the petira, why weren’t they?

    2) Did the tzavo’oh mean that they should daven nusach Ashkenaz while in aveilus and say kaddish nusach Ashkenaz (as with Rav Akiva Eiger – or was it his son? – too, who told his son that if he will say viyatzmach, he should not say kaddish after him), just for that period, and not in general?

    3) I don’t see why you label it as intriguing. It is a dovor poshut.

    4) Either way, as above, I don’t understand how they have a heter to change from their father’s minhog, tzavo’oh or not tzavo’oh. If they changed in the past, hopefully they will change back now and follow the way of their father.

  4. this is a serious question. If the reason we believe in what we do is because of a “3000 year mesora that’s unbroken,” how is it that the sons are doing something different than their father? How do we know that this hasn’t been the case of changing things for 3000 years? Not to doubt but seriously confused…

  5. The Litvak said “I don’t even mind that Mosheach should come already so that I don’t have to hear people say “V’yatzmach Pirkonai Vekoraiv Meshichai”, that Mosheach should come.

  6. It is interesting to note that Reb Moshe has a Teshuva in teh Igros Moshe on a Shayla about what Nusach to use. it’s a whole Arichus but Reb Moshe does say that a Bais Hakneses that was Davening Nusach sfard can switch to Ashkenaz but a Nusach Ashkenaz cannot switch to Sfard.

  7. The “yatzmach pirkunei” story involves Reb Leibele Eiger zy”a saying kaddish for his father Reb Shlomo Eiger zy”a the Gilyon Maharsha (and son of Reb Akiva Eiger zy”a)that despite his fathers alleged animus to chassidus (he did send Reb Leibele to Warsaw to learn at the yeshiva of the Chidushei Har”im)he said v”yatzmach pirkunei” because “der Tatte is oif in oilam ha’emes in er veist vos der emes iz”.

  8. FYI,

    Do you suppose that chasidim have been around since Moshe Rabbeinu? Obviously before the Baal Shem Tov we were all using ashkenaz. Mistamma there is a good reason why so many have switched, al pi halocha and al pi kabbola.

  9. #3, probably so people dont keep repeating the comments because they think they just got lost somewhere. This was, the editors are acknowledging the post, not the comment.

  10. Lo Mugbal, you are saying beautifully. Your words are musical, much like a harp being played by a fountain, on a clear summers day.
    In fact, there is no difference between the 2 nuschaos. A couple of hundred years ago, a printer in Europe decided he needed to make more money, so he made up different nuschaos to get people to buy more than one siddur.

  11. The siddur Rav Amram Gaon, which I think is the oldest siddur we have, has kaddish without viyatzmach, like nusach Ashkenaz.

  12. Rabbosai, in all probabillity, this tzavaa has nothing to do with nusach, unfortunately. [deleted by moderator]

  13. Pashuteh Yid, your words are not only soothing to the ear, like a bird singing alone in a maeadow, they also belie your name, as you are certainly not poshut!!


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