Rav Schorr: Bochurim With Cell Phones That Can Text Should Find Another Place to Learn

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schorrRav Avrohom Schorr, rov of Khal Tiferes Yaakov of Flatbush, delivered strong remarks over Sukkos regarding those who possess cell phones with text messaging capability, stating that such individuals should not daven in his bais medrash. Rav Schorr’s shul is currently situated next door to Yeshiva Ohr Yitzchok, off of Avenue L in Flatbush.

Rav Schorr also wrote a note stating that bochurim who have cell phones that have the text messaging feature should not come to his bais medrash to learn. An image of the note can be seen below:


{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. number 4 should have some kovod hatorah. Not everyone agrees with just trying to salvage yiddishkeit like you do – we want more than just to keep shabbos and kashrus, ok? rav schorr understands the dangers – you would not object to a ban on certain magazines(or maybe you would) – this causes the same damage; hundreds and hundreds of bochurim, parents, and yungeleit have been nicshal, and this is the rov’s answer to the problem – action. not passive tolerance, not a fear of turning people off that can be used to justify silence on ANY issue, none of it – just old fashioned daas torah.

    let em daven/learn in a modern shul – he didnt say they shouldnt learn, just not there, since its a kitrig, hurts the seviva, etc..

  2. T) #3-your QUESTION is exactly the answer? THESE gedoilim & many many others have spoken and begged & peaded with the public that cell phones with texting is “ONE OF THE GREATEST NISYONOS OF OUR GENERATION”.

  3. 6. Comment from matis
    Time October 12, 2009 at 4:52 PM

    number 4 should have some kovod hatorah.

    Huh? What is that supposed to mean?

  4. One of the biggest nisyonos of our generation, are u for real? Name 5 others when you have a chance.

    Texting is pretty much the same as emailing, so why isnt there a yell & scream about emailing? How about what BMG does, all cell phones off, closed, non vibrating when in the beis medresh?

  5. Why is texting so bad? there are many worse things that are destructive to yiddishkeit. how about the internet? tznius issues? lack of kavod hatorah? lack of people who have koveia eitim latorah? freedom we give our teenage kids and the trouble they get involved with? money laundering? tax evasion/stores not reportng all sales tax? hatred amongst yidden with “different hats”? texting is just another form of communication. if you can talk on the phone, why cant you text? For that matter, all these social networking sites. They should also all be assur…. We have to pick our priorities and push to stop these bad things.

  6. This is takeh very important. It all starts with a little text and before you know it people are going off the D completely. It’s the fourth Aveirah Chamura. As a matter of fact, everyone should immediately text this message from Rabbi Schorr to all their friends and everyone should forward it to everyone they know. Huh? Did I just say “text”? Oops. LOL

  7. Attn #10 A.K.A. “Genius”

    You wrote the following; “if he has texting, why is he going to learn?” Im guessing your serious. But I just keep cracking up from this
    rediculous statement. Nice try.

  8. by kovod hatorah I meant the respect due to torah figures like rav schorr

    (i dont think it’s even kedai to mention since some people already have their minds made up and will not listen no matter who says it – they think they know best and they close their minds off to everything they consider ‘low priority’)

    hundreds of people have come to rav schorr, and rav matisyahu solomon in lakewood, hundreds of families torn apart by texting on a cell phone – why? because it seems so innocent..just a few friendly words between chaverim; yet it leads very quickly to getting messages from girls, sisters of friends, etc.., and since texting seems so safe, so unreal and not like going to talk to a shikseh in real life, people fall for it.

    Rabbonim do not just asser things for no reason. Comparing something from which hundreds if not not thousands have fallen victim to, to hat colors and such, is ridiculous – we’re talking about issurim and issues of arayos; not hat colors.

    he was talking about bachurim probably since it’s more common among them – although it is a good question why he doesn’t include baalebatim and yungeleit in his letter.

    when you people who have no idea what you’re talking about come within an inch of the gaonus of rav schorr, then we’ll talk about your ‘entitlement’ to your opinions.

    maybe you dont understand it – well, guess what? unless you’re some sort of maskil, you must know that you dont have to understand everything in the gemora, rishonim, or achronim – our gedolim are no different. Just admit you’re not on the madrega to understand why the gedolim consider it a chomer isser(I didnt chap either until i took the time to hear what the gedolim had to say about it)

    have a spec of anivus, just because you dont understand something does not make it nonsense – i heard a very big rosh yeshiva saying that the same rishus that as behind the zaen mamre applies to anyone who has texting – our leaders say not to do something, so what’s the shailah?

  9. every baalei batish person has texting and so do a lot of people who are learning! why is texting so bad that they shouldnt be allowed to learn?? what have come too

  10. i think the whole comment section should be abolished there
    the gemara bava metzia talks about hoe r leazar bar shimon was punished for not making a machaa on some one who was mevaze talmid chacham kal vchomer to be mevaze your self the mishna says hamevaze talmed chacham ain lo chelek lolam haba and thats even if you think your smarter if all the gedolim say texting is other your job is to listen and be mevatel your daas to daas torah

  11. Who said all the gedolim said its assur? One gadol who is deffinitely considered daas torah in the velt today holds its assur.And I don’t see anyone being mevazeh any gedolim the shita is just being discussed.

  12. This decree by a Rosh yeshiva makes alot of sense. I have a doctorate, I work for a living, and I use the internet every day. I believe that the world is 14 billion years old and I believe in evolution. I cannot be accused of being too yeshivish. But the youth nowadays spend an inordinate amount of time texting and I have no doubt that it seriously interferes with their concentration while learning or davening. So the Rosh Yeshiva says, “In my yeshiva we learn and daven without distractions, and if you don’t like that, find a different yeshiva.” Bravo to him and I hope he is successful.

  13. I think that shuls and yeshivos should only allow yeshivahleit whose thumbs have been cut off.
    This will guarantee that they will not text while in shul and yeshiva.

    Since it is such a big aveirah to text, feine bochurim should gladly insist that their thumbs be cut off just as their forefathers supposedly had their trigger fingers and/or thimbs cut off to avoid being drafted into the czar’s army.

  14. #29

    I did not write the first paragraph. It was edited and bears little resemblance to what I wrote.

    Secondly, I would disagree with you over who is the true letz.

  15. The Ros Hayeshiva is trying to demand that at least the learning done in his bais medrash should be pure. He would not make such strong demands from somebody off the street. It is only the people who actually are holding by coming to learn in the Bais Medrash that he would demand such a thing.

  16. Whoa, lets take a chill pill. First of all, there are more important things in life to debate over. Seriously, do any of you think this is neccasary? I, for instant, think it is an embaresment to the Jewish people that we have commited ourselves to so much useless debate. Texting or no texting, a Jew is a Jew. Texting or no teting, a frum, yiddish child is a frum, yiddush child. Please leave the silly messege we are trying to get around alone. I once got a text message reading the following:

    Stp txtng, the rabanim say its asur and avoda zara. if we send this txt around, mayb it will snd a messege. then delete this and throw ur phone away.

    Honestly, I found that a good one. I deleted it before I even sent it. The Jews should be making a bigger deal about loshon hara.

  17. I cannot stand when I daven mincha or maariv and a Baala Boss’s cell phone with a silly ring goes off. Why would a bachur even have the phone on? If a bachur is going to Bes Medrash, he should go to learn. Let’s all turn off our phones in shul. I turn mine off in the parking lot. Period.

  18. yes but to stop a person from learning bec. he texts????
    texing? what is the real nisyonos of texting?
    please somebody explain this??
    i’ll be maskim if its so bad but i dont see why texting culd be that bad its just like calling just in writing

  19. Find me one rosh hayeshiva that maters texting.We all have to ask Ha’goin R’Avraham Shorr Shlita mechila B’rabim.

    And then we want moshiach to come


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